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Dynniq UK Ltd utilise Skyguard’s Service to protect their lone working enDynniq imagegineers.

Dynniq is the UK’s leading provider of technology solutions for strategic road managers including Highways England and Local authorities across the UK and Ireland.

A large number of staff at Dynniq are field engineers who often find themselves working alone at hazardous locations including motorways, railways and remote areas. Working alone is not necessarily more dangerous than working with colleagues however, it only takes one slip or fall for a workers life to be at risk. In a situation like this with no one around you, getting help quickly could be very challenging.

The number of lone worker incidents that occur within the UK are continuously soaring each year.  Taken from the results of Skyguard’s customer satisfaction survey 2017, out of 1735 respondents, 5.1% stated that they have had to activate their Skyguard alarms in a real life emergency. This raises a serious question for organisations. Can you afford for 1 in 20 of your employees to experience an emergency at the workplace?  Dynniq themselves, one of Skyguard’s long standing customers have experienced real life incidents in the time of using our service. This further emphasises why having a lone worker protection system in place is so crucial for firms.

As stated by Peter Richardson Spokesperson for Dynniq, “One of our engineers once had their vehicle stolen, he activated his SOS alarm, and the culprits were arrested by the police within 10 minutes of the alarm being raised”.  

With the benefits of using Skyguard’s service being evident, Skyguard’s BS 8484: 2016 certified MySOS device is now utilised by nearly 300 of the workers at Dynniq giving them the best possible protection when working alone.

Peter added “One of the benefits of Skyguard is the having the comfort that our workers are the top priority as our engineers are the company’s most important asset”.Dynniq reszie for Site

Due to the fact that engineering involves a significant amount of manual work, Dynniq’s requirements were specific. When deciding on their lone worker protection service, it was clear that they needed a lone worker safety service with a high degree of functionality whilst allowing their lone workers to feel comfortable with its use. Skyguard’s MySOS is a small key fob sized device which can be worn in a number of ways, as a pendant, attached to a keyring, on a belt clip, or even as an identity badge. This allows the lone workers at Dynniq to carry out their daily tasks with ease whilst being protected. The MySOS has the ability to raise an alarm with just a click of a button. Once an alarm has been raised, a signal is sent to Skyguard’s very own 24 hour Incident Management Centre where a Controller can listen in and if needed send emergency help to their exact location.

Peter added “what sets Skyguard apart from other lone worker services is their quick response times and assistance when the alarm is activated”.

Engineers at Dynniq often find themselves working in remote areas with bad mobile signal. With Skyguard’s optional roaming SIM card in place the engineers at Dynniq have protection whilst working in different locations. The MySOS device with the roaming SIM fitted, utilises the strongest signal from any of the 3 major UK mobile networks and significantly decreases the chance of losing signal in areas of weak or no coverage.

When asked if they would recommend Skyguard’s service Dynniq responded:

“Yes definitely, it is everything the users would need to give them a safer working environment, plus the cost makes it excellent value for money”.

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