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BS 8484:2016 Replaces Previous Version of Lone Worker Standard

1 March 2017
 March 1, 2017

As of today, BS 8484:2016 the updated standard for lone worker device services has replaced the previous version from 2011.

First published at the end of summer last year, the new standard is a major revision which encompasses several modifications including greater transparency in reporting and tighter Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for improved response times. There is also now comprehensive coverage of lone worker smartphone applications.

BS 8484:2016 provides an important benchmark by which to compare lone worker solutions. To meet its requirements an organisation must first successfully undergo a rigorous audit. Only then can alarms be escalated directly through to local Police control rooms using URNs (Unique Reference Numbers) and receive priority response bypassing the 999 system.

Earlier this year Skyguard became one of the first companies to be successfully audited and gain BS 8484:2016 certification, ensuring that the lone worker products and services we offer are approved and accredited to the highest possible standards.

James Murray, CEO of Skyguard commented on the award, “We continually strive for excellence and being one the first providers to gain certification to the latest BS 8484:2016 standard with flying colours once again proves this.”

In an emergency, often every second counts and being able to provide priority police response can save vital minutes and even lives. For those seeking to protect their lone workers, opting for a BS 8484:2016 certified provider should surely be high on the agenda.