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21 December 2015
 December 21, 2015
Lone worker

Why Accreditation Is Key in Deciding on a Lone Worker Solution

This past week, The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) conducted an interview asking the question: When buying a lone worker service how can I be sure that the supplier has the most effective access to the Police?


Ken Meanwell, lead on Security Systems Policy at the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) led the way on confirming that “Only audited and accredited lone worker suppliers, complying with the NPCC policy are able to state on publicity literature that their service is ‘Police Compliant’”.


Full Police compliance comes with the British Standards BS 8484:2011 and BS 5979 as the core requirements to guarantee a level 1 Police response. The Alarm Receiving Centre based standard, BS 5979 has also been supplemented with the “adopted BS EN 50518, complimented by BS 8591.” Meanwell states that “The NPCC and the two auditing bodies, NSI and SSAIB, have confirmed that all three

3 December 2015
 December 3, 2015

Remaining Vigilant in Times of Uncertainty

In light of the recent horrific events in Paris and others around the world, it is imperative that we consider how to keep ourselves, our staff and our businesses safe. In general towns and cities across the UK are safe places to visit, however, it’s always sensible to take precaution especially in these times of uncertainty.

Here are Skyguard’s tips for remaining vigilant.

Never leave your bags or belongings unattended, they might be viewed as a security concern
Report any suspicious packages or behaviour to security staff or the Police. Prompt and detailed reporting can help prevent violent crimes or terrorist attacks. When reporting suspicious activity, try to give an accurate description as possible, including:


Brief description of the activity

Date, time and location

Physical appearance of anybody involved

Description of vehicles

Where they may have gone since leaving the area


It’s important to remember that you can report suspicious behaviour anonymously

Arrange a meeting point if you are travelling in a group, particularly with children in case you become separated
When carrying a bag

19 November 2015
 November 19, 2015

Crimes Against Business – Safeguarding the Retail Sector

Figures released in the 2015 British Crime Survey include some alarming statistics based on Commercial Victimisation. According to the findings, the wholesale and retail sector is one of the worst hit, with an estimated 4,123,000 crimes against businesses within a 365 day period; equating to 41% of all retail organisations within the sector.

This poses the question as to whether our retail staff are safe when performing their everyday tasks? What protection, if any, is put in place to protect their wellbeing? Can it be argued whether it is safe for them to be on a shop floor, opening up, locking up and carrying cash alone?

According to a 2015 report published by USDAW (Union of Shop Distributive, and Allied Workers) over half of shop workers were verbally abused in the last year, with more than 10% on a weekly or daily basis. John Hannett, USDAW General Secretary states: “All too often shop workers encounter violence, threats and abuse for simply doing their job. There is the additional concern of Black Friday in November.”

An earlier USDAW report

3 November 2015
 November 3, 2015

Stories We Noticed This Week

Lone working by its very nature is inherently more dangerous, solely for the fact that there’s no immediate help at hand should something go wrong. The diverse nature of what can go awry when undertaking daily tasks whilst working alone were highlighted in a couple of stories that we came across this week.

Subway store fined over £6,000 after lone worker trapped in chiller overnight

A Subway store was fined more than £6,000 after a lone worker became trapped in a chiller overnight. 20 year old Karlee Daubeney was working alone when closing up for the night. It was during this time that she became trapped.

When she realised no one would be coming to her aid she tried to get help with her SOS message in ketchup – hoping it would be spotted on CCTV by security staff. However, the cry for help was not seen and she remained trapped in the store in the centre until the following morning when staff came to open up for the day.

The franchise responsible for the store

28 October 2015
 October 28, 2015
NHS Assault and Attacks

Work Related Injury/Illness, Key Statistics

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently released figures for work related injury and illness throughout 2014/15.

The key findings were as follows:

1. 1.2 million workers suffered work-related illness

2. 142 workers were killed at work

3. There were a reported 76,000 other injuries to employees, according to RIDDOR

4. According to the Labour Force Survey, there was a total of 611,000 injuries occurred in the workplace

5. 27.3 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and injury

6. The estimated cost of injuries and ill-health from working conditions totalled a staggering £14.3 billion.

Despite Great Britain remaining one of the safest places to work in Europe and the slight improvement on last year’s statistics; the findings are still alarming.

To focus on just one example, a recent report revealed that NHS Grampian had suffered an extreme number of assaults on employees, more than any other

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