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18 December 2013
 December 18, 2013
NHS workers protected by personal safety alarms

Physical Assaults on NHS Staff Rise by 6%

Reported assaults against frontline NHS staff have risen by 6% in the last year according to new figures released by NHS Protect.

The statistics, collated from 341 health bodies across England show a rise of total reported assaults from 59,744 in 2011/12 to 63,199 in 2012/13 – an increase of 5.8%. What’s more, the figures show a dramatic 16% increase in the number of criminal sanctions taken in the wake of reported attacks. However, NHS Protect state that employers and staff can do more to bring perpetrators to prosecution.

The figures add up to an assault rate of 2.1% of staff in the acute sector, 3.9% in ambulance services, and over one in five (21%) in mental health services. Alarmingly, the figures equate to more than 173 physical assaults on NHS workers every day.

NHS Protect urges health bodies to take advantage of the joint working agreement with the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Crown Prosecution Service and use existing guidance to pursue local arrangements building on this national agreement to

15 November 2013
 November 15, 2013
Guys NHS Trust use Skyguard alarms

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS use Skyguard to protect 600 lone working staff

Based in central London, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust comprises of two of the largest hospitals in the UK, employing over 13,000 staff. In April 2011, the Trust took over responsibility for the provision of community services in Lambeth and Southwark. As a result of this transfer, the Trust ‘inherited’ 471 personal safety devices, which were purchased from the 2009 Lone Worker Framework Agreement.

The Trust’s Head of Security, Portering and Reception Services – Jayne King, was mandated to ensure the lone worker system provided robust protection for their community-based staff. Jayne discovered that the incumbent system relied on inferior cell ID location based technology, and many of the staff were not comfortable with using the devices. Jayne conducted a thorough evaluation of lone worker protection providers available on the market, and found Skyguard’s service met all of the Trust’s requirements. Skyguard’s MySOS device was chosen as the replacement, due to its GPS technology which sends the alarm location during an emergency and allows the staffs’ whereabouts

16 September 2013
 September 16, 2013
Skyguard's alarm receiving centre

Skyguard’s ARC the First in the UK Accredited to ACPO’s “Secured by Design”

Skyguard – Europe’s premier personal safety service for lone workers, has become the first Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK to be awarded the prestigious ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation. Based in Surrey, Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre (IMC) is the first facility to have been audited to the ‘ARC for Lone Workers’ product category, by the Association of Chief Police Officer’s (ACPO) Secured by Design scheme. The coveted accreditation gives customers reassurance that a product has been tested to the rigorous standards set by Secured by Design, based upon the principle of ‘designing out crime’.

Endorsed companies are allowed to display the SBD logo and “Police Preferred Specification” title, which indicates the certified product guarantees national police approval. This accreditation complements Secured by Design approval of Skyguard’s MySOS personal safety device earlier this year; making Skyguard the only lone worker provider in the UK to have an end-to-end accredited service. As well as achieving Secured by Design status, Skyguard’s IMC was also the

29 August 2013
 August 29, 2013
Man Down Alarm

Skyguard Launch MySOS Mandown – The Personal Safety Device for High Risk Lone Workers

Skyguard – the premier personal safety service for lone workers and at risk individuals is pleased to announce the launch of MySOS Mandown – Europe’s smallest personal safety device fitted with a sensor which automatically raises an alarm to Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre in the event of a fall or sudden impact. Identical in design to the MySOS, the Mandown variant is equipped with all of the features of its predecessor, but comes complete with a Mandown sensor.

The feature is vital if the user falls, suffers from a medical condition or is physically assaulted and knocked to the floor and may not be able to raise an alarm manually. Upon alarm activation, the information and location of the user will be transmitted to Skyguard’s UK based, 24 hour manned Incident Management Centre. From there, Skyguard’s professionally-trained Controllers will listen in, using the device’s two-way audio, assess the situation quickly and expertly and summon the right emergency response direct to the user. All

22 August 2013
 August 22, 2013
Havering Council use Skyguard personal safety devices

Havering Council use Skyguard’s MySOS personal alarms to help vulnerable people keep their independence

“I like to be out and about, staying in gets me down,” says great-grandmother Kathleen Barker.

But for Kathleen’s family, this has become a concern in the last 18 months, following her diagnosis with dementia.

They want Kathleen, 82, to enjoy as much independence as she can, but they also want to keep her safe, especially as she can sometimes end up wandering, becoming lost and confused, and has been known to wander at night.

Granddaughter Joanne Barker, 38, lives near to Kathleen in Collier Row and regularly checks in on her.

Jo knows her Nan’s condition is worsening and she needs support, but she also knows she is not yet ready for a care home.

This meant the family were faced with a difficult choice, how could they ensure Kathleen gets the right level of support?

Jo has been working with Havering Council, discovering a range of technology that has helped her Nan to remain in her own home, while also

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