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12 July 2012
 July 12, 2012
Mobile Apps

How Skyguard Eliminates Mobile Phone Network Coverage Problems

Yesterday, O2 – the UK’s second largest mobile phone service provider suffered severe network problems which affected hundreds of thousands of their customers. Many were unable to make and receive calls or send SMS text messages.

However, the loss of coverage hasn’t just affected mobile phones. Many new technologies rely on the mobile phone network to operate. One example was Transport for London confirmed that the issues had affected docking stations for the London cycle hire scheme.

A sector that heavily relies on mobile phone network coverage is lone worker protection. Technology such as personal safety devices fitted with SIM cards, broadcast their alarms, positions and alerts via GPRS, GSM and SMS transmissions… all carried across the networks.

What if something happened to one of your employees that required immediate assistance? An assault… an accident… a heart-attack? How would a personal safety device or mobile phone application come to their aid when the alarm transmission would fail? It doesn’t bear thinking about.


8 June 2012
 June 8, 2012
BBC Click

Skyguard’s MySOS Personal Safety Device Featured on BBC Click

The MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal safety alarm was recently featured on BBC television’s technology programme, Click.

The edition, which focussed on personal safety, discussed technology that enables users to stay safe when in vulnerable or threatening situations.

BBC Click’s presenter, Lara Lewington asks “while smartphones and other portable devices cannot do karate, they do aim to improve our personal security and allow loved ones to keep track of each other. But how far should we rely on gadgets to keep us safe?”

Skyguard’s Marketing Director, Will Murray said “As Skyguard are at the forefront of personal safety technology, we were delighted to help the BBC answer this question when they approached us. We were also more than happy to allow Click to showcase our device and software to help promote personal safety to a wider audience.”

Skyguard was the only personal safety service shown that is fully certified to BS 8484 – the standard for lone working monitoring. What

31 May 2012
 May 31, 2012
Skyguard Associate

JM Security Systems becomes a Skyguard Business Associate

We are pleased to announce that JM Security Systems are the latest organisation to become a partner of Skyguard via our Business Associate Programme.

Based in the West Midlands, JM Security Systems are a leading provider of electronic security products and services. With years of experience and an outstanding reputation in providing businesses and home owners monitored security systems, JM Security Systems have now added the MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal safety device to its already impressive range.

Skyguard’s Director, Will Murray says “Our Business Associate Programme provides an excellent opportunity for organisations to rapidly create additional revenue, by working alongside a reputable company who people are calling Europe’s leading personal safety service for lone workers and at-risk individuals.”

Tailored to meet the needs of any type of business, our Programme offers three tiers of involvement; Introducer, Agent and Distributor – allowing you to choose the degree of commitment that’s right for your business.

Irrespective of which tier

16 May 2012
 May 16, 2012
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Skyguard Continues to Earn High Praise from Customers

Our personal safety service earns an overall average score of 88% – a continued year-on-year increase in customer satisfaction – including 100% satisfaction in resolution of emergency calls.

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the best possible customer service, we’re pleased to announce the results of our annual satisfaction survey.

The results show that Skyguard are continuing to perform to customer’s expectations. In fact, year-on-year results have seen figures continually improve.

The survey carried out in late 2011, asked 100 end-users of our personal safety service twenty detailed questions about all aspects of our service, personal alarms and customer support.

2011 saw Skyguard’s highest overall satisfaction figure, up from 80% in 2009 and 84% in 2010. A noticeable increase in performance.

In addition to the overall ranking of 88%, notable results included the 100% satisfaction in resolution of emergency alarm activations.

Skyguard’s Marketing Director, Will Murray said “The very core of our service is based upon the effective

9 May 2012
 May 9, 2012
Lone Worker Seminar

Skyguard Discuss International Lone Worker Protection at IFSEC 2012

Skyguard are pleased to be presenting at the inaugural Lone Worker Education Theatre at IFSEC 2012.

The brand-new, free educational workshop offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the lone worker safety sector.

Skyguard’s seminar will focus on how organisations can adequately protect their employees when travelling overseas and what risks they may face when working alone in a foreign country. We’ll tackle the issues faced by lone workers while on business abroad and discuss what solutions are available on an international scale.

Will Murray, Skyguard’s Marketing Director, said “As the first and only provider in the world to offer full localised emergency response in thirty-six countries, we’re uniquely placed to discuss how best to protect your lone working employees when travelling internationally. No-one else in the industry can lay claim to the same expertise and knowledge that we have built developing our International brand.”

“I would highly recommend attending our seminar if you have employees regularly working abroad. We

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