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8 September 2011
 September 8, 2011
BBC Visits Lone Worker ARC

Skyguard Features on BBC National News

Skyguard were privileged to be featured on the BBC 6 o’clock national news on Wednesday 7th September 2011 as part of a counter terror item from distinguished BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner OBE.

The BBC’s flagship news programme, typically broadcast to over 4 million viewers, briefly showcased our Incident Management Centre, The MySOS – the UK’s smallest personal safety device and how our service worked in the event of a kidnapping or assault.

Frank and his BBC crew were warmly welcomed by all and took a genuine interest in how Skyguard can aid those who find themselves in trouble. Frank and his team were particularly impressed at how our controllers track the device via GPS whilst keeping the Police informed at all times.

Referring to a kidnap situation, Frank Gardner summed up part of Skyguard’s service simply but effectively. “The alarm gets raised, the client gets tracked and the police are alerted.”

You can

7 September 2011
 September 7, 2011
Shortlist App of the Week

Skyguard Mobile GPS Awarded Best Business App of the Week

Skyguard’s Mobile GPS application has been awarded Best Business App of the Week by Shortlist magazine.

The downloadable application transforms mobile phones or PDAs into a fully functional personal safety device, connecting into Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Describing the Skyguard mobile application, Shortlist’s article states “The (Mobile GPS application) is essentially a huge red panic button. Not as good as a burly bodyguard but definitely a close second.”

Shortlist is an influential weekly magazine which is designed for 18-35 year old men. It contains a mix of clever editorial features which cover a broad range of topics such as the latest news, sport, films, male grooming, new popular gadgets and fitness regimes. Shortlist is read by over half a million people a week.

We are delighted to have been chosen as Business Application of the Week from the thousands of applications available in the marketplace today. Still, it only confirms what we already knew… our service is well worth

16 August 2011
 August 16, 2011
Skyguard International

First-ever personal emergency service for British travellers launched

Skyguard International creates instant back-up across 36 countries

From today, Skyguard launches the first-ever personal emergency service for British travellers and lone workers abroad.

Skyguard International gives travellers the power to summon help at the press of a button if they find themselves in trouble overseas. Initially the service is live across 34 European countries, the Russian Federation and South Africa.

The launch comes hot on the heels of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s British Behaviour Abroad report, which revealed 19,228 Brits have needed assistance overseas during the past 12 months, with Spain producing the most incidents.

Travellers can activate the emergency Skyguard International service using the MySOS personal safety device. The MySOS is the smallest GPS alarm of its kind in the UK, and can be discreetly attached to keys, a belt or worn on a lanyard. Skyguard

15 August 2011
 August 15, 2011
Skyguard personal alarms

Skyguard Customer Referral Scheme

To show our appreciation to all of our customers who refer colleagues and friends to Skyguard, we have launched a Customer Referral Scheme designed to reward you for your recommendations. There is no better testament to the quality of our service than someone who has first-hand experience with the level of customer support and emergency response that Skyguard provides, and this is our way of thanking you.

How Does It Work

Skyguard will reward the referring individual or company with high street gift vouchers for each referred customer who subscribes to our service. Rewards are issued in tiers based upon the number of annual subscriptions each referred customer purchases. Rewards start at £10 for 1-10 subscriptions, and rise to £100 for over 100 subscriptions, for each referred customer’s order. The reward vouchers can be spent at 20,000 high street stores nationwide and online, including leading brands such as Boots, Debenhams, Ernest Jones, HMV, House of Fraser, and many more.

Click here to find out more

16 June 2011
 June 16, 2011
Personal alarms for lone workers in ID Badge Holder

Skyguard Launches Identity Badge Holder for Personal Safety Device

Skyguard are pleased to announce the official launch of the latest accessory for the MySOS personal safety device – an identity badge holder.

The MySOS unit perfectly slots into the back of the identity badge holder, giving the user even more choice and flexibility in how to discretely carry 24/7 personal protection from Skyguard.

Weighing only 59 grams fully fitted with the device, the identity badge holder is lighter than the leading competitor. Coupled with the fact that the MySOS unit is the UK’s smallest safety device, it’s the perfect solution for any lone workers who wear an identity badge.

The accessory has already been well received amongst users and trials within the NHS have all been positive.

The badge holder is just one way of carrying the MySOS. The unit is small enough to carried on its own, attached to a

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