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CSC ComputerUpdate Your Details in Real Time, 24/7 via Skyguard’s Customer Service Centre Portal

Our clients also benefit from our custom-built web portal, the Customer Service Centre. This secure interface allows client administrators or end-users to create and update their account details in real-time, 24/7.

Clients can input their own emergency procedures, tailored to their organisation and department, or personalised to each employee. The system also allows organisations to create their own duress codes – a code word or phrase which a user can say to notify the controller of a certain type of emergency, without alerting an aggressor

Our personal safety devices can even be assigned to a different user (at no additional cost) at the click of a mouse – ideal for clients who share a pool of devices for their shift workers. Any changes are updated immediately onto Skyguard’s system and made available to controllers during an alarm. This zero latency ensures we always hold accurate user information, including allergy details and other medical conditions, which could prove vital to the response service.

“We have a couple of pooled (shared) devices for late workers. Someone can come along to me and ask “have you got a spare device because I’m working late tonight?” It’s a good option to have. All I have to do is drag and drop the shared device onto the user in the CSC and they’re instantly covered – it’s that easy.”
Barbara Tomlin and Facilities Manager, Gallions Housing Association


The Customer Service Centre further empowers client administrators with access to a full suite of activity reports, which can exported for further analysis. For a visual representation of user activity, satellite and street maps can be generated showing the locations, alarm times, position reports, and battery low warnings. All the reports and maps can be fully customisable by date range, department, user, and alarm type.

Skyguard understand the sensitive nature of client data; for this reason we’ve developed the system to allow clients to set hierarchical access rights for administrators, departmental heads and users, to suit their requirements. For the same reason, our clients’ data can only be viewed by our controllers during an alarm activation. Our systems are fully compliant to ISO 27001 standards and the Data Protection Act.

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“To know where employees are at any one time in the event of an emergency is priceless. Being able to input individual staff details, such as if they have diabetes was also a deciding factor when choosing Skyguard.”
Sandra Farrington, Facilities Manager at Harlow Council