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End-to-End Service Provider

The UK’s largest wholly-owned end-to-end lone worker solution – allowing us the flexibility to tailor our service to your company’s specific needs.

As the UK’s largest wholly-owned end-to-end service provider, Skyguard has developed every part of our supply chain – from our devices to our Incident Management Centre. In order to maximise reliability we therefore selected only best-of-breed technology right across our service infrastructure.

Components of the service owned by Skyguard:

  • Exclusive personal safety devices and accessories
  • Exclusive smartphone and mobile phone software applications
  • The Skyguard building
  • Our Incident Management Centre (IMC)
  • Our highly-trained alarm Controllers
  • Data storage and systems, securely located in our IMC
  • Proprietary alarm receiving software
  • In-house Engineers and Product Developers
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Proprietary web-based tools and software portal
  • In-house training and implementation teams
  • In-house aftercare and technical support teams

This unique positioning not only minimises the risk of exposure for our clients’ employees, but also gives us the flexibility to develop bespoke solutions and customise any element of the service for customers with specific requirements. Having our own in-house Engineers, Software Developers, Controllers and Customer Services all under one roof, improves communication time between our service elements and augments staff training and procedures. All these things lead to a quicker, more reliable response and specialised expertise; ultimately getting the right help to our customers and faster, when they need it most.

Skyguard’s expertise in and control of, all parts of the service led to our IMC becoming the first in the UK to be certified to the new Lone Worker Device Services standard: BS 8484, in January 2010. This represents a huge achievement considering the standard was only approved in September 2009 and inspectors audited the service against a rigorous evaluation process including BS 5979 (Category II) and ISO 9001 for our Quality Management Systems.

First in the UK

Our Incident Management Centre became the first in the UK to be certified to the new Lone Worker Monitoring Service standard: BS 8484, which included the highest standard for Alarm Receiving Centres: BS 5979 (Category II).

In September 2013, Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre became the first ARC in the UK to be awarded ACPO’s prestigious ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation. This certification complements the Secured by Design approval of the MySOS personal safety device, making Skyguard the only lone worker provider in the UK to have an end-to-end accredited service.

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