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Protect Your Lone Working Drivers

Skyguard provides 24/7 protection to lone working haulage drivers wherever… whenever

Dominos no back 1There are over 300,000 HGV drivers in the United Kingdom, of which the majority work alone, often at night. Their job involves long hours meaning frequent overnight stops in potentially at-risk locations. With valuable consignments, drivers are a common target for criminals. Assaults, theft and hijacking are frequently reported in the road haulage industry. In fact, road freight crime is a common problem and costs the UK economy at least £250 million annually. Freight crime causes huge economic loss and disruption to the haulage industry and its drivers. It’s a very real and life-threatening problem.

Lorries and their trailer loads are often very valuable. Criminals know this and so will seek to target vulnerable vehicles and loads. In the past year, there have been 1,400 reported incidents of theft of road freight vehicles and engineering plant and 2,700 reported incidents of theft from LGV’s.

With employers having to meet more and more stringent legislation on protecting their staff, failure to supply adequate means of protection, regardless of where they are or when, can lead to crippling fines, ruined reputations and even jail sentences for owners and directors. And with 85 per cent of Hauliers having fleets of six vehicles or less, thefts of tractor units and trailers have forced some smaller operators completely out of business.

Skyguard protect distribution, haulage and delivery drivers across the UK

MySOS Keys 1Our MySOS personal safety alarm is small enough to conveniently fit onto a set of keys or worn on a belt via an optional holster. So, in the event of an emergency, calling for help is easily accessible.

24 hour response is never far away. With one-button alarm activation, two-way audio through the device and GPS tracking and locating, getting the right response to your drivers when in distress is quick, easy and dependable.

Our service is proactive, not reactive. Users can raise an alarm even if an incident doesn’t occur. If they feel threatened or uncomfortable in any situation, our controllers will be on hand until the user feels safe.

When tracking options are enabled, the MySOS device will automatically record and transmit its GPS locations at set intervals, or manually by the press of a button on the device. These positions can be viewed on a map and with grid references, in real-time, via Skyguard’s Customer Service Centre online portal. What’s more, the device’s map location to be summoned covertly from up to 2 nominated mobile phones, by simply sending it an SMS message. The device will reply with an SMS containing a web link to a map, viewable on any Smartphone.

Skyguard is proven in use across the sector and we have a wealth of experience in delivering fast, effective incident resolution. We’re accredited to the highest industry standards and our MySOS personal alarm and Incident Management Centre has national police approval via the coveted ‘Secured by Design’ initiative.

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