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How Skyguard’s Service Works

What happens when you raise the alarm on your personal safety device?

You’ve been the victim of intimidation or attack, had an accident, or suffered a severe health problem. But Skyguard is backing you up.

So you activate your personal safety device. Your alarm is sent (via mobile phone and satellite technology) to professional controllers at Skyguard’s purpose-built Incident Management Centre, manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As soon as the alarm is raised, we’ll know who you are, and because your personal safety device is GPS enabled, we’ll know exactly where you are. We will listen to what’s happening your end, and if it’s safe to do so, talk to you to advise and reassure you. If it’s not safe to talk, you don’t need to say a word… we’ll send assistance right away, if necessary. We also record what’s happening remotely – vital should the incident go to litigation.


The careful selection of our Controllers, their experience, and the endless training they undergo now comes into action: we will assess the situation quickly and expertly. We will then take action based on this assessment. Our decision will be in keeping with your own personalised instructions (detailed by you when you signed up for our service).

We can summon and guide the relevant emergency service to you, back them up with our own, trained National Response Service personnel if required, or contact anyone designated by you.

Our Controllers understand that a rapid response to an emergency is absolutely critical – any delay could mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, every alarm call we receive is treated as life-threatening, and managed until the response service is there, or we are satisfied the threat has been neutralised.

Customer Service Portal

Our customers also benefit from our custom-built web portal, the Customer Service Centre. This secure interface allows client administrators or end-users to update their account details online. Personal safety devices can be assigned to a different user at the click of a mouse – ideal for clients who share a pool of devices for their shift workers. This information is updated immediately onto Skyguard’s system to ensure we hold accurate user info, including allergy details and other medical conditions, which could prove vital to the response service.

All these factors and more go together to ensure our response is agile and accurate – qualities that we see as essential to fulfilling our responsibilities to our customers.

Working With the Police to Provide a Faster Response

Certain key factors enable us to provide the highest level of Police response to all our customers.

Skyguard enjoys close working relationships with the Police, who are also our customer. As a result, we have secured our own Police Unique Reference Numbers (URNs).

This allows us direct telephone numbers for all UK Police forces; meaning we can bypass the 999 system and save vital minutes. The phone lines the Police issue with URNs are dedicated alarm call lines. This greatly increases the chances of the alarm call getting through quickly.

The result?

A threat has been diminished. And, it’s proven in real-life. Take a look at our case studies to read about our service in action.

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