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How Skyguard Eliminates Mobile Phone Network Coverage Problems

12 July 2012
 July 12, 2012
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Yesterday, O2 – the UK’s second largest mobile phone service provider suffered severe network problems which affected hundreds of thousands of their customers. Many were unable to make and receive calls or send SMS text messages.

However, the loss of coverage hasn’t just affected mobile phones. Many new technologies rely on the mobile phone network to operate. One example was Transport for London confirmed that the issues had affected docking stations for the London cycle hire scheme.

A sector that heavily relies on mobile phone network coverage is lone worker protection. Technology such as personal safety devices fitted with SIM cards, broadcast their alarms, positions and alerts via GPRS, GSM and SMS transmissions… all carried across the networks.

What if something happened to one of your employees that required immediate assistance? An assault… an accident… a heart-attack? How would a personal safety device or mobile phone application come to their aid when the alarm transmission would fail? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Skyguard has a solution to this problem. We offer ‘Roaming’ SIMs for all of our personal safety devices.

Roaming SIM’s operate across all the major mobile phone networks, automatically switching to the provider with the strongest signal for that area. If your location is known to have poor reception for one provider, then the SIM will simply switch to the provider offering the strongest signal – eliminating ‘black spots’.

So, when O2’s service went down, the device would instantly switch to another provider, such as Vodafone or Orange to ensure 24 hour protection is maintained at all times.

Network problems aren’t limited to O2. Last year, the loss of BlackBerry’s messaging system was widely publicised as well as problems with other data services on the Vodafone network. Local problems are often not reported, such as when an area suffers mobile phone mast problems, creating ‘black spots’ for coverage.

We’re becoming more and more dependent on technology, but when the lives of your lone workers and those in vulnerable situations are at risk, there’s no compromise in fulfilling your Duty of Care… even if the problem is out of your control.

Roaming SIM’s can be fitted to any of our personal safety devices for a minimal monthly fee. To find out more, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.