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Infographic: Personal Safety at Night

28 September 2018
 September 28, 2018

As the days get shorter it’s important to think about your personal safety when you’re out and about.

At this time of year we’re starting to see the effect of the changing seasons on our journeys to and from work in particular, with many of us noticing the darker mornings and shorter evenings.

We’ve produced a quick reference guide with some top safety tips that you should bear in mind when travelling at night.


1. Let People Know Where You Are

Before you go out tell someone where you are planning to go and roughly when you expect to come back.

2. Avoid Walking Alone

Remember there is safety in numbers, so if possible try to stay with a group of friends.

3. Be Confident and Alert

Walk with purpose and be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Don’t wear earphones.

4. Keep Expensive Items Out of Sight

Valuable items such as mobile phones or jewellery can make you a target for thieves, make sure these are safely tucked away.

5. Carry a Personal Safety Alarm

Monitored personal safety devices or lone worker alarms enable you to get help quickly in a emergency. Devices such as MySOS are discreet and allow you to speak to an actual person who can listen in, assist and if necessary call the emergency services.

6. Trust Your Instincts

If you suspect that something untoward may be going on, don’t be afraid to walk away and remove yourself from the situation.

Infographic - Personal Safety at Night

What to Do if You’re Being Followed

We hope you found these tips useful, for more safety advice check out our post on what to do if you suspect someone is following you.