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The MySOS, exclusively developed by Skyguard, is Europe’s smallest personal safety device that incorporates the latest GPS and GPRS and Mandown technologies. Featuring mobile phone position request which enables you to see where the device is at any moment, as well as the SOS alarm function, this is the perfect solution for lone worker protection, the elderly and vulnerable. Fully certified to the highest industry standards; BS 8484:2016 and ‘Secured by Design’.

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The following features are included in the MySOS service package

Simple Alarm Activation

  The alarm is activated by simply holding down the large central "SOS" button for a few seconds. To indicate when an SOS alarm is initiated, the device will vibrate discretely and again to confirm it has connected to the IMC.

24 Hour Emergency Response

  Using palm-sized personal safety alarms, specifically and exclusively developed by Skyguard, fitted with the latest mobile phone and GPS technology, a call for help is just one button away. Each of our alarms is fully certified and audited to BS 8484:2016 (code of practice for the provision of lone worker devices) and accredited to the Association of Chief Police Officer’s (ACPO) coveted ‘Secured by Design’ accolade.

Position Reports

  Optional position reports will record the personal safety device’s location at a specific date and time and can be sent automatically at regular intervals or manually whenever needed, at the touch of a button. The user’s location can be viewed on an online map at Skyguard’s secure Customer Service Centre portal.

Compact Design

  Weighing only 43 grams, the compact and lightweight design of the MySOS personal safety device makes it convenient to use in everyday situations. It can be worn around the neck as a pendant, attached to a keyring, a belt using the optional holster accessory or even an identity badge holder. Find more about the accessories.

Voice Memo (Amber Alert)

  This feature enables you to leave voice messages specific to your situation, such as who you are meeting and how long you’ll expect to be, which could provide vital additional information in an emergency. The message is immediately available to Skyguard Controllers if an alarm is activated.


  All calls and actions are digitally recorded on secure servers within our IMC, should they be needed as legal evidence. Skyguard’s audio recordings have led to numerous successful prosecutions.

Secured by Design Certification

  The MySOS is one of the few devices in the industry to be certified by “Secured by Design”; an initiative which guarantees national police approval of a product through meeting the highest security standards in its design.

Customer Service Centre

  Individual and Administrator access to our online Customer Service Centre (CSC), enables the user or Account Administrator to securely update and maintain your account details and personal information, in real-time, 24/7. This means the information is immediately available to Controllers if the alarm is activated. The CSC also allows you to create bespoke alarm escalation procedures depending on your organisation’s specific requirements. Read more about the Customer Service Centre.

Inclusive Emergency Calls

  All airtime and data usage, including emergency alarm calls to Skyguard’s IMC are included in your service subscription*

Mandown Alarm

  Enables the device to automatically send an alarm to the IMC in the event of a fall or sudden impact. The feature is vital if the user slips, trips or is knocked unconscious and is unable to raise an alarm manually. Mandown can be permanently enabled or switched on/off when required.

One or Two-Way Audio

  The MySOS personal safety device comes equipped with two-way audio, which allows the Controller to talk to and reassure the user when the alarm is activated, if safe to do so. The microphone is sensitive up to 2 metres and the loudspeaker is audible up to 2 metres.

Mobile Phone Position Request

  A feature unique to Skyguard’s MySOS allows you to request the device’s position by simply sending it an SMS text message. A reply with a web link to a map with the device’s position will be sent, which can be viewed on an internet-enabled mobile phone or computer.

Alarm Transmission

  On activating the SOS alarm button, the MySOS personal alarm sends its location to Skyguard’s IMC. An MTK Chipset, accurate to less than 10 metres in ideal conditions is used so our Controllers will know exactly where the alarm is coming from. A two-way voice call is then initiated* with the Skyguard Controller who will follow the personalised emergency procedures you provided us, and if appropriate, they will summon the emergency services or our own National Response Service and contact your employer. *Our Controllers will listen in to find out what is happening in the user’s vicinity. If it’s safe to speak, they’ll do so. If it’s not safe to speak, don’t worry… you don’t need to say a word – we’ll send assistance if appropriate.

Speed Dial

  The MySOS features a button which can be programmed with a phone number of your choosing. This allows the user to call a nominated contact, using the device as a mobile phone.

BS 8484:2016 Certification

  MySOS is fully BS 8484:2016 compliant and certified by external audit through the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Status LEDs

  The Status LEDs display information showing you exactly what the device is doing. Indicators include GPS availability, GSM connection and signal strength. The device will bleep when the battery is low and the battery LED will triple flash as an indication.

Exclusive to Skyguard

  The MySOS personal safety device has been exclusively developed by Skyguard. Two years of continual development and rigorous testing to the highest standards ensures the MySOS is the perfect lone worker protection solution. The MySOS is unique to Skyguard and can only be purchased directly or via our approved Business Associates.

Custom Integration

  For clients wishing to manage alarm activations themselves, Skyguard has developed the MySOS Track and Call package. The devices’ SOS button can be programmed to send its GPS location and voice call directly to the client’s own call centre or nominated mobile phone – ideal for Telecare users.

Operate in Areas with Little Mobile Signal? No Problem

By fitting your MicroSOS device with an optional Roaming SIM card, you can utilise the strongest signal from any of the 3 major UK mobile networks and significantly decrease the chance of losing signal in areas of weak network coverage. Why risk not having a signal when you need it most? Talk to us today about our Roaming options.

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“The device does everything we need it to do and more, and all of this at a price point that couldn’t be beaten. Overall, it’s an excellent solution for Lone Worker protection in a wide range of potential scenarios.”

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Guy's and St Thomas'

"Skyguard's MySOS was the obvious choice as it incorporates the latest technology, whilst being easy to use and offers good value for money.”

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Brent Council

“The MySOS is small, easy to use and has brilliant tracking of staff whereabouts - all of which is very important as it provides peace of mind knowing users have backup and support in case of an emergency. It’s also incredible value for money.”

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Suffolk Fire and Rescue

“The MySOS device offers us greater peace of mind. It’s discreet, yet a far more robust means of lone worker safety. The back up from the call monitoring centre in the event of an alarm activation is invaluable.”

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“Skyguard enables me to observe the service usage online at any time. Plus, I can easily swap devices between users at the click of a mouse… it’s so easy.”

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Pets at Home

“It’s all about peace of mind and that sense of security that we have gained from implementing the service. Skyguard provides great security at minimal cost.”

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Gregory Distribution

“We needed to ensure that all of our drivers are protected and we all have the assurance that they have a backup in terms of communication and response, Skyguard provides us with this.”

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