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30 March 2020
 March 30, 2020
Challenge of Keeping Workers Safe in Gig Economy

Health & Safety Risks in the Gig Economy

Research by the University of Hertfordshire found that, in 2019, 10 per cent of working-age adults have worked as a part of the gig economy for at least one week, most commonly through platforms such as Uber, Upwork or Deliveroo.

The gig economy can be defined as a free market system where employees are under a zero-hours contract and perform short term, flexible work, by selecting each ‘gig’ that they want to complete as they go. This type of work is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with younger workers, and is currently most prevalent within the delivery and ride-hailing industries.

Although there are benefits of this type of employment, such as the lack of commitment and ability to complete gigs almost anywhere, there are also complications when it comes to the lack of employment protection for these workers.
Health Risks For Gig Economy Workers
Employees within the gig economy are

25 March 2020
 March 25, 2020
COVID-19 Customer Update

Coronavirus Update – 25/03/20

In common with all of you, we are deeply concerned about the effects of COVID-19 and hope that you, your families and colleagues are safe and well.

The current coronavirus pandemic has escalated significantly in recent days and circumstances continue to develop daily. As you know, the single most important action we can take is to stay at home and, to this end, we have almost all our staff operating on that basis.

Our certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) continues to operate as normal whilst continuously reviewing and improving our Business Continuity Plans as we are very aware that we provide services to “key workers” in the UK. This also ensures we continue to serve all our customers as we recognise the criticality of what we do.

Minimising the spread of the virus and this complete move to home working means we would encourage our customers to use all mediums of exchange to get in touch with either your account managers or customer support teams; chat, message and phone.

The Senior Management Team (SMT) continues to review

12 March 2020
 March 12, 2020
Coronavirus customer update

Coronavirus Update

This communication is to update our customers on the actions we have already taken to prepare our business to respond to the developing Coronavirus outbreak and its potential, or perhaps even inevitable, impacts on our business, our colleagues, our customers and the UK as a whole. This includes what further actions we may need to take in the coming weeks; for example, to support ‘social distancing’.

At Skyguard, our employees, customers and services remain our top priorities, and we are committed to keeping you informed of our efforts to ensure minimal disruption (if any) to our service offerings. The Send For Help Group Board and senior management team are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation, and are continually reviewing the preparedness of the business for managing the developing outbreak; including holding specific senior management meetings solely on this subject. The reviews and decisions are very much based on a “business as usual” (BAU) stance, in line with the UK government’s position, whilst also following all official government guidance.

Based upon our well-established Business Continuity Management system, all of

10 January 2020
 January 10, 2020
Businessman setting voice memo timer

Voice Memo Timer – What Is It & How Does It Work?

The Voice Memo Timer (VMT) system transforms a standard mobile phone into a personal safety device without downloading any additional software. Nevertheless, as the majority of people own smartphones, VMT is also included as a feature on personal safety apps.

The service provides workers with an effective back-up service without them needing to remember or carry another device.
How Does The Voice Memo Timer Work?
To activate the voice memo timer using a standard phone, first, the user needs to save the Voice Memo number as a speed dial option. By calling this number, the user will be prompted to leave a message. To be most effective, the message should include specific details about where they’re going and who they’re meeting.

After recording their message, the user will need to type in the number of minutes that they want to set the timer for. This automatically sets an Amber Alert on the user’s account.

If a timer expires before being cancelled, an alarm will automatically be created. The Controllers in the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can

25 November 2019
 November 25, 2019
20-24 East Street - New Skyguard Offices

Skyguard Have Moved

Skyguard are delighted to announce that we have moved premises. Our new address is 20-24 East Street, Epsom which will provide a modern fantastic working environment that is much closer to Epsom town centre.

We have invested millions of pounds refitting the 1st and 2nd floor offices to a very high standard, while also building a brand new state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This relocation is a statement of intent from the business and an important step to move the company forward.

Moving into the new offices is another exciting chapter in our development as the world’s market leading provider of lone worker solutions. Below are a few visuals of our new home.







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