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28 February 2017
 February 28, 2017
Broadchurch features MySOS

Skyguard’s MySOS personal alarm featured on ITV’s hit series Broadchurch

Last night saw the return of BAFTA winning ITV crime drama Broadchurch, with Skyguard’s MySOS personal alarm being chosen to feature in the series providing support for a rape victim.

In yesterday’s opener viewers were introduced to Trish Winterman (played by Julie Hesmondhalgh) who suffered a brutal assault at the hands of an unknown attacker. As the story unfolds, the show deals with the aftermath of the attack and how this affects Trish’s character, whilst lining up a list of possible suspects.

A difficult subject matter for a primetime show, Police and rape counsellors have praised the program’s makers for tackling the issue. Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall has said that he wanted to tell this story as the number of sexual offences being reported is on the rise. Hopefully giving this new exposure will result in yet more victims coming forward.

Skyguard work with over half of the UK’s Police forces

24 February 2017
 February 24, 2017
Lady behaving aggressively

5 Simple Tips on What to do if you are Confronted by an Aggressive Customer

By definition, aggressive behaviour can be described as an action that ‘can cause physical or emotional harm to others, which may range from verbal abuse to physical abuse or destruction of property.’

Sadly, this is something many of us know all too well, especially those who have been confronted by angry customers in the workplace. We have put together some tips on how best to deal with people who are behaving aggressively to help defuse the situation and maintain the safety of not just yourself, but those around you.
Keep calm and carry on
The most important thing to remember is to stay calm. Although it’s easy to lose your cool, showing your frustration is likely to end up making matters worse, potentially resulting in violence. Instead, take a deep breath and speak softly, being mindful not to raise your voice or say anything that may deliberately provoke the other party.
Control your body language
Even if you’re speaking calmly, aggressive body language may be sending out negative non-verbal cues. Pacing, tapping, clenching your fists or crossing

14 February 2017
 February 14, 2017
NHS doctors and nurses are at increasing risk of assault

Atmosphere Described as ‘Tinderbox’ in Hospitals as Assaults on NHS Workers Rise

It was reported last week in the national press that the number of NHS staff suffering abuse whilst on duty has again risen in the past year.

Official figures released by NHS Protect, the hospital safety advisory body show that in 2015-16 there were 70,555 assaults on doctors, nurses and other health service workers. This works out at a shocking 193 workers on average being attacked every single day.

The number of attacks has increased by nearly a quarter over the past six years, with under 5% of these resulting in criminal or civil sanctions. Many of these attacks involve medical factors, with those hospitals caring mentally ill patients recording some of the highest numbers of physical assaults.

Some fear that these worrying statistics are just the tip of the iceberg, with many incidents going unreported as staff believe that no action will be taken.

Chris Cox, Director of Membership Relations at The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) described the atmosphere in some hospitals as a “tinderbox” with “longer waits and the pressures of understaffed units” creating an

3 February 2017
 February 3, 2017
BS 8484 Lone Worker

Skyguard one of the First Organisations to be Certified to new BS 8484:2016 Lone Worker Standard

Skyguard – part of the largest lone worker protection provider in the World is one of the first companies to be successfully audited against the latest version of BS 8484:2016 – the standard for the provision of lone worker device services.

Following the rigorous audit, the award certifies that Skyguard is working to the very highest standards of both product and service provision. Skyguard was already accredited to the previous version of the standard – BS 8484:2011 having passed annual audits conducted by UKAS accredited body, the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). Subsequently, Skyguard had already been awarded NSI Guarding Gold and ARC Gold standards – the highest available.

BS8484:2016 sets the standard to which UK lone worker device service suppliers should achieve and can be measured against. It is important as a benchmark for employers sourcing a credible provider, as it enables the highest level of police response to an alarm

2 February 2017
 February 2, 2017
Victim of domestic abuse hiding and trying to get help

Discreet Ways to Get Help Without Alerting an Attacker

In an emergency, one of the first things most people would think to do is dial 999 – but what if this wasn’t an option as it could alert an attacker or give away your whereabouts?

Luckily there are several solutions to this particular problem. Firstly, if you are able to dial 999, but unable to speak, there is a so-called ‘silent solution’ that allows you to let emergency service operators know that you require assistance by pressing 5 twice when prompted.
How the silent 999 solution works
The usual procedure when you dial 999 is that an operator will answer and ask which service you require. They will also ask you to tap your handset screen or cough if you cannot speak. If no sound can be heard, the operator will usually suspect that you have accidentally misdialled and terminate the call.

However, if there are background noises and voices, the call will be connected to an automated police voice response system. The caller will be asked to press 55 if help is required, which if dialled correctly

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