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14 November 2012
 November 14, 2012
Businessman setting voice memo timer

Is it Enough to Provide a Lone Worker with a Mobile Phone?

It’s a good question. Can businesses providing lone working employees with just a mobile phone be compliant with their Duty of Care? Well… it depends.

The past couple of years have seen changes to health and safety legislation with regards to lone workers. Companies and their directors can be prosecuted under the new Corporate Manslaughter Act as well as the recent introduction of the HSE’s Fee for Intervention – a cost recovery scheme making organisations liable for HSE-related costs for accident investigation, inspection and enforcement actions.

In the worst case scenario of a lone worker suffering injury or even death without having appropriate risk-reduction measures in place, it’s highly likely that their employers will face prosecution, leading to crippling costs, fines and a tarnishing of reputations.

Measures are in place to help mitigate risk. Solutions that are accredited to BS 8484

9 November 2012
 November 9, 2012
Company fined for employee injured at work

Fourth Company Charged Under the Corporate Manslaughter Act

This past week, another company has been charged by The Crown Prosecution Service with corporate manslaughter in relation to a death which occurred two years ago.

Grzegorz Pieton died in July 2010 from an electric shock, caused when the metal hydraulic-lift trailer he was towing touched an overhead power line.

The incident occurred at Belmont flower nursery, which is run by PS & JE Ward Ltd, based in King’s Lynn.

Belmont Nursery becomes the fourth company to face charges under the Act since it came into effect in 2007. The act enables prosecution of companies and organisations who breach their Duty of Care to employees and contractors.

The company’s representatives are set to appear in court on 23 November. Belmont Nursery is the third company the Crown Prosecution Service has charged with corporate manslaughter since its inception. All three previous companies faced charges in the past year

31 October 2012
 October 31, 2012

Twitter Watch

Things we’ve noticed on Twitter this week. Here’s a selection of interesting and informative tweets from the past week that we wish to share with you. If you’ve noticed any interesting tweets that you wish to share with us, please let us know by leaving a comment.


Bonfire night – organise for your rubbish to be collected before the weekend to reduce the risk of arson.

BBC Click ‏
Predicting crime – is it a step towards a safer world?

This guy is really living on the ‘hedge’ #DarwinAwards

Metropolitan Police
If trick or treating – Ensure you stay safe by staying with others and try to

29 October 2012
 October 29, 2012
Personal alarm for lone workers

7 Reasons Why Using a Personal Alarm is Better than Dialling 999 in an Emergency

MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal alarm for lone workers and those at risk

Since 1976, the whole of the United Kingdom has had access to the emergency services for urgent assistance, enabling users to quickly summon the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance (amongst other specialist services) by dialling 999 on any telephone.

The 999 emergency telephone system is an efficient way of calling for help, but worryingly, current budget cuts threaten the service and response time targets have been extended.

In an emergency, saving minutes, and even seconds, can be the difference between life and death.

In recent times, personal safety services (such as Skyguard) have come to prominence in helping to protect lone workers and those who face increased risk of injury, assault or illness. Using hand-held personal alarms or Smartphone applications, with one-button alarm activation, audio communication and GPS locating technology, these services

26 October 2012
 October 26, 2012
Stay safe at night with Skyguard

Twelve Top Tips to Stay Safe This Autumn

As this Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time, the clocks will go back, nights will start drawing in faster and people may increasingly find themselves in vulnerable situations during the earlier evenings. Here are the top twelve tips from Skyguard to make sure that you stay safe during the dark months ahead.

1.    Plan Ahead

Whenever you’re travelling to and from work, school or out for an evening of fun, it’s always best to be organised and prepared. Before you go out, look at the necessary bus and train timetables, book your taxi (from a licensed company) well in advance and know how long it will take you to get to and from home.

2.    Carry a Mobile with You

You’ll feel safer knowing that friends, family or even the emergency services are only

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