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29 October 2012
 October 29, 2012
Personal alarm for lone workers

7 Reasons Why Using a Personal Alarm is Better than Dialling 999 in an Emergency

MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal alarm for lone workers and those at risk

Since 1976, the whole of the United Kingdom has had access to the emergency services for urgent assistance, enabling users to quickly summon the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance (amongst other specialist services) by dialling 999 on any telephone.

The 999 emergency telephone system is an efficient way of calling for help, but worryingly, current budget cuts threaten the service and response time targets have been extended.

In an emergency, saving minutes, and even seconds, can be the difference between life and death.

In recent times, personal safety services (such as Skyguard) have come to prominence in helping to protect lone workers and those who face increased risk of injury, assault or illness. Using hand-held personal alarms or Smartphone applications, with one-button alarm activation, audio communication and GPS locating technology, these services

26 October 2012
 October 26, 2012
Stay safe at night with Skyguard

Twelve Top Tips to Stay Safe This Autumn

As this Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time, the clocks will go back, nights will start drawing in faster and people may increasingly find themselves in vulnerable situations during the earlier evenings. Here are the top twelve tips from Skyguard to make sure that you stay safe during the dark months ahead.

1.    Plan Ahead

Whenever you’re travelling to and from work, school or out for an evening of fun, it’s always best to be organised and prepared. Before you go out, look at the necessary bus and train timetables, book your taxi (from a licensed company) well in advance and know how long it will take you to get to and from home.

2.    Carry a Mobile with You

You’ll feel safer knowing that friends, family or even the emergency services are only

18 October 2012
 October 18, 2012
Domestic Violence

The Importance of Personal Alarms for Domestic Violence Victims

A chilling story emerged this week which tells the story a domestic violence victim living in fear of her abusive partner.

Mother of two, Lucy – not her real name – was subjected to two years of extreme physical violence and emotional turmoil. She was not only robbed of all confidence but large sums of money, leaving her financially crippled.

Lucy was issued a personal alarm after she finally plucked up the courage to call the police. She was too frightened to press charges, so her partner was released from custody and returned to their home.

Although facing death threats from her abuser if she ever used the alarm, Lucy summoned the mental strength to press the button and call for help. The moment she did this, her life changed dramatically.

16 October 2012
 October 16, 2012
Flying Abroad

Why are Lone Workers More at Risk When Travelling Abroad?

Any task undertaken whilst working alone can present particular risks. It’s indisputable that travelling abroad on your own is more risky. Yet it is still your employer’s responsibility that all precautions have been taken to ensure the employee has a safe trip.

So, why are employees more at risk when travelling abroad alone?

Tend to carry more cash and valuables (laptops, passport, etc)
Find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings
A potential language barrier can cause conflict where it could’ve normally been avoided
Not familiar with local customs and etiquette
Criminals target tourists / travellers

Some alarming statistics…

Whilst most visits abroad are trouble free, there are some alarming statistics about travelling abroad.

Over 19,000 reported incidents involving Britons in 2010/11
Year-on-year increase in British deaths abroad – just under 6,000 last year.
Number of those hospitalised has also shown a year on year increase – up to nearly 3,800.
Seven of the top ten countries where assistance

10 October 2012
 October 10, 2012
Skyguard lone working apps on smartphones

Skyguard Launches Lone Worker Personal Safety Application for Android Smartphones

Skyguard – Europe’s premier personal safety service for lone workers and those at risk have launched an Android version of their popular Mobile phone software solution – an instant downloadable application which transforms smartphones into fully functioning personal safety alarms.

The Android app allows users to raise an alarm at the touch of a button, wherever… whenever, without the need to carry a dedicated personal safety device.

Simply by pressing a single button on the user’s mobile or activating the touch screen, the software will send their GPS location and identity, as well as making a voice call, to our UK based, 24/7 manned Incident Management Centre (IMC). Action will be taken within seconds by Controllers to assess the incident and follow the user’s bespoke emergency procedures.

Skyguard’s CEO, James Murray said, “With the success of our BlackBerry software solution coupled with the increase in popularity of Android phones, it’s made sense for us to develop bespoke

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