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16 June 2011
 June 16, 2011
Personal alarms for lone workers in ID Badge Holder

Skyguard Launches Identity Badge Holder for Personal Safety Device

Skyguard are pleased to announce the official launch of the latest accessory for the MySOS personal safety device – an identity badge holder.

The MySOS unit perfectly slots into the back of the identity badge holder, giving the user even more choice and flexibility in how to discretely carry 24/7 personal protection from Skyguard.

Weighing only 59 grams fully fitted with the device, the identity badge holder is lighter than the leading competitor. Coupled with the fact that the MySOS unit is the UK’s smallest safety device, it’s the perfect solution for any lone workers who wear an identity badge.

The accessory has already been well received amongst users and trials within the NHS have all been positive.

The badge holder is just one way of carrying the MySOS. The unit is small enough to carried on its own, attached to a

3 May 2011
 May 3, 2011
NSI Silver

Skyguard Certified to All Elements of BS 8484

Skyguard is now accredited by NSI to all elements of BS 8484 – the code of practice for the provision of Lone Worker Device services, making it the only provider in the industry to offer a fully certified, wholly-owned solution.

On 14 April 2011, Skyguard was awarded the NSI Silver Lone Worker Services certificate for parts 4 and 5 of BS 8484. This award is in addition to the NSI ARC Gold certificate (which includes part 6 of BS 8484), that Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre was awarded in January 2010 – the first Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of its type in the UK to receive the accreditation.

BS8484 sets the standard to which UK lone worker device service suppliers should achieve and can be measured against. It is important as a benchmark for employer’s sourcing a credible provider, as it enables the highest level of police response to an

14 April 2011
 April 14, 2011
Scottish Soroptomists

Skyguard Supports Scottish Soroptimist Fundraising Event

To mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, Scottish Soroptimists launched the Tartan Ribbon Fund at Airth Castle, Falkirk on 20th March.

The fundraising lunch was organised by Soroptimists Brenda Kay and Janice Wilson, to increase awareness of violence against women and raise funds for Scottish Police Forces, to enable them to buy Skyguard personal safety alarms for women at risk from abuse.

Guest speakers at event included Rhoda Grant MSP, who introduced the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill at Holyrood; Assistant Chief Constable Angela Wilson from Tayside Police; and Patrick Dealtry, co-founder of Skyguard Ltd.

Asst Chief Constable Angela Wilson told the audience that most incidents of domestic abuse still go unreported and of those that are reported the victims often experience up to 37 assaults before turning to the authorities. She said, “Many of the incidents of abuse result in the most appalling acts of violence….Most distressingly of all is the fact that in most of these domestic incidents children often witness or are victims of the abuse

13 April 2011
 April 13, 2011
Domestic Abuse Victim

DPP Calls for More Protection for Domestic Violence Victims in the Home

Women in England and Wales are still more at risk of crime in their own homes than anywhere else, the Director of Public Prosecutions said in a speech today entitled ‘Domestic Violence: the facts, the issues, the future’.

Speaking at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) headquarters in central London, Keir Starmer QC said domestic violence is a “serious and pernicious” form of crime and that while much progress has been made in prosecuting offenders in recent years, police and prosecutors must do more to tackle it. Recent statistics show that nearly one million women are abused every year, two are killed every week by partners or ex-partners and more than half of all victims of serious sexual assaults have been attacked by partners or ex-partners.

Figures also show that young women between the ages of 16 and 19 are the most at risk of domestic abuse (12.7% according to the British Crime Survey). Mr Starmer said: “What that tends to show is that there may be a next generation of domestic violence

7 April 2011
 April 7, 2011
MySOS Fall Alarm

Skyguard Showcases UK’s Smallest Safety Device

Skyguard has announced it will showcase the UK’s smallest personal safety and tracking device at the 2011 Safety and Health Expo, held at Birmingham’s NEC between 17th and 19th May.

The “MySOS” key-fob sized device developed by Skyguard, weighs just 40 grams and is small enough to be conveniently and discretely worn as a pendant, or attached to a bunch of keys.

Certified to the code of practice for the provision of lone worker device services (BS 8484), the MySOS uses GPS and GPRS technologies to transmit it’s location to Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre (IMC) – the first single purpose Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK to be certified to the highest industry standards; BS 8484, BS 5979 (Cat II), and ISO 9001.

To initiate an alarm the user simply presses the SOS button, and within seconds the device will connect to Skyguard’s

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