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17 February 2011
 February 17, 2011
Corporate manslaughter act

Geologist Death Results in First Corporate Manslaughter Conviction

Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings has today become the first company to be convicted of the new offence of corporate manslaughter.

Alex Wright was 27-years-old when he died on 5 September 2008. He was a geologist for Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings and was investigating soil conditions in a deep trench on a development plot in Stroud when it collapsed and killed him.

Kate Leonard, reviewing lawyer from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Special Crime Division, said:

“Alex Wright was a young man, full of promise. His death is a tragedy for all those who loved him and would never have happened if Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings had properly protected him.

“I hope that this conviction offers his family some sense of justice. I send them my sincere condolences once again.”

The CPS told the court that Mr Wright was left working alone in the 3.5 metre-deep trench to ‘finish-up’ when the company director left for the day. The two people who owned the development plot decided to stay

27 January 2011
 January 27, 2011
Edinburgh student with Skyguard device

Skyguard Helps Special Needs Pupils Travel to School

Skyguard has been working with the City of Edinburgh Council to develop a pioneering new initiative which has led to a special needs pupil becoming the first in the UK to travel to school on his own, by using Skyguard’s GEMshield personal safety alarm.

Craig Nibloe, from Pilrig Park School, spent five weeks using Skyguard’s GPS device as he got the bus from his home to school.

He can now travel independently without the need for school transport, which allows him to have the opportunity to go to college to complete further education courses.

The City of Edinburgh Council has become the first local authority in the UK to train special needs pupils to use a personal safety service. Skyguard’s service is more commonly used by Councils and businesses to protect lone workers and ‘at-risk’ individuals, as well as Police forces who issue the devices to the highly vulnerable such as domestic violence victims. The success of the initiative could lead to other special needs schools in the UK

1 October 2010
 October 1, 2010
Secured by Design

Skyguard wins Secured by Design for GEMshield

On 23 September 2010, Skyguard received the coveted ACPO Secured by Design (SBD) Award for its GEMshield personal safety alarm. Skyguard has met the stringent security standards required by SBD, an initiative from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that aims to reduce crime through effective design.

Skyguard’s GEMshield product and the service it connects to via our Incident Management Centre in Surrey, underwent rigorous evalution prior to being accepted by SBD. Skyguard is now able to utilise the coveted SBD logo that guarantees national police approval of the product. The SBD logo provides security specifiers, managers and customers with reassurance that the accredited product meets the highest security standards. The logo is widely recognised within the industry and is increasingly being listed as a mandatory requirement in various tenders.

“Gaining Secured by Design approval for the GEMshield is a significant achievement”, said David Ince, Chief Executive of Skyguard. “It demonstrates our commitment to safety and provides our valued customers with reassurance that our product matches quoted performance claims. Securing SBD accreditation for our device combined with our

2 August 2010
 August 2, 2010
Lone worker apps on BlackBerry

Blackberry Software Update

Blackberry Software Update Gives Users Improved Access to Skyguard’s Gold Standard Response Service

Skyguard has introduced a software update that provides existing BlackBerry® smartphone users with greater functionality and an improved means of connecting to its industry-leading personal safety response service. The software update effectively transforms BlackBerry GPS-enabled smartphones into personal safety devices (PSDs), complete with all the features found on dedicated devices. This reduces still further the cost of providing effective protection for at-risk individuals and eliminates the inconvenience of having to carry additional equipment.

In exactly the same way as dedicated single-function PSD hardware, BlackBerry smartphones running the new software provide full access to Skyguard’s Gold Standard incident management services, which can be tailored to meet the exact needs of individual users.

When the software has been installed on a BlackBerry smartphone, users initiate an alarm by simply pressing a button. The smartphone vibrates to confirm that the alarm has been sent, and vibrates again when the connection is made to Skyguard’s

14 July 2010
 July 14, 2010
Patrick Dealtry - Head of Lone Worker Committee

Skyguard Director Recognised for Standards Work

In recognition of more than a decade of work on the formulation and development of standards for the security sector, Skyguard Director, Patrick Dealtry, has been presented with the British Security Industry Association Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Standards. The prestigious Chairman’s Awards are made at the discretion of the BSIA chairman and committee to publicly acknowledge the commitment and effort of the finest individuals in the security industry.

A former chairman of the BSI GW3 Committee, in which role he guided the development of UK and European standards relating to manned security services, Patrick Dealtry was also the instigator and driving force behind the development of the BS 8484:2009 Code of Practice for the provision of lone worker device services. This groundbreaking document is now recognised as the yardstick for lone worker protection by police forces throughout the UK.

“I am, of course, delighted personally to have been selected as the recipient of this highly regarded award,” said Patrick Dealtry, “but I also see it as a welcome acknowledgement of the

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