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Skyguard Protects Accor Employees and Improves Morale

AccorHotel staff often work alone late into the night to continually provide their customers the best possible service and a relaxing, stress-free stay. However, there are risks involved. Some hotel guests can become abusive, aggressive and even violent. For hotel employees, this can be incredibly intimidating and potentially dangerous.

As a responsible employer Accor is always looking for solutions to this problem and this them led to Skyguard – providers of an unparalleled 24/7 emergency response service, perfectly suited to lone working individuals.

Accor is the World’s leading hotel operator and the number one hotel employer worldwide. With fifteen hotel brands names in their stable, Accor has over 4,200 hotels across 90 countries. With nearly 145,000 employees, the vast majority of whom have direct contact with customers, the Group’s Human Resources policy is of vital importance to Accor.

Accor started using Skyguard’s service in 2008 to protect their night porters, turn-down maids, receptionists and all other lone workers. In 2014, Accor upgraded to Skyguard’s most advanced personal safety device, the MySOS Mandown, where they found that its ability to raise an alarm in an instant, enhanced performance in poor signal areas, two-way voice calling, and compact and discrete design was perfect for their needs.

“The hotel Group’s HR Department have seen a substantial increase in the morale and happiness of staff knowing there is always someone looking after them in an emergency.”

Accor Spokesperson

The MySOS device also features a ‘Man-down’ alarm which can be used to protect staff in the event of a slip, trip or fall, by automatically raising the alarm when the device senses a sudden impact.

Accor has long campaigned to improve safety and security in the hotel industry so the benefits of Skyguard’s service were immediately apparent.

The hotel Group’s HR department have seen a substantial increase in the morale and happiness of staff knowing there is always someone looking after them in an emergency. Accor don’t have to compromise on security or their duty of care when they use Skyguard.