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Brent Council’s Lone Workers use Skyguard’s Personal Alarms for Backup and Reassurance

Brent CouncilSkyguard are providing Brent Council’s frontline lone working staff with 24 hour backup and assistance via the use of their ACPO accredited MySOS personal safety device – giving them a simple yet effective way to call for help in any emergency situation.

The Council provide a wide range of community services to the public within the London Borough of Brent. Some of these services require the Council’s employees to work alone, occasionally in difficult circumstances. Conscious of their duty of care towards the safety and wellbeing of their staff, Brent Council needed a form of personal protection for their lone workers. They required a small, easy to use personal alarm which enables the user to discreetly raise the alarm should they face any difficulties.

Brent Council approached Skyguard after a strong recommendation of the service from a local housing association, whom the Council work closely with. They were immediately impressed with the MySOS device.

The MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal alarm, comes fully equipped with the latest mobile phone and tracking technology. At the touch of a button, the Council’s employees can quickly and discreetly call for help. Upon alarm activation, Controllers at Skyguard’s 24 hour manned Incident Management Centre can see who’s calling for help. They’ll use the two way audio capability to listen in and assess the situation, talk to and reassure them and send the appropriate emergency response. As the MySOS is fitted with GPS tracking technology, Controllers can see the user’s exact position as shown on an on-screen map – vital for guiding the emergency response to their location. What’s more, all calls and actions are digitally recorded and can be used as legal evidence.

Alarms can also be raised when the MySOS’s ‘Mandown’ feature detects a slip, trip or heavy impact – vital if the employee is unable to call for help themselves.

Skyguard’s service is fully audited and approved against BS8484:2016 and as such, guarantees the highest level of Police response when required. Skyguard will also bypass the 999 emergency system, saving vital minutes in responding to an emergency.

“The MySOS is small, easy to use and has brilliant tracking of staff whereabouts – all of which is very important as it provides peace of mind knowing users have backup and support in case of an emergency. It’s also incredible value for money.”

Mike Somers, Regeneration Officer for Brent Council

Mike Somers, Regeneration Officer for Brent Council explains why they chose Skyguard. “Right from the start, we found Skyguard’s advice helpful and informative. The sheer helpfulness from meeting with them and advising us what was best for our needs stood out from all others.”

“The devices are issued to staff working on housing estates and visiting various site locations. They can contact Skyguard’s Controllers at any time they are on their visits and the alarm utilises various mobile phone network suppliers to ensure they remain in contact. Some lone working products do not have the facility to do this.”

Skyguard offer all of their clients roaming SIM cards, which utilise the strongest signal from any of the four major UK mobile networks. These are available as an optional extra for devices which are used in areas of poor signal coverage.

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