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Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Forum

Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Victims Issued Skyguard Personal Alarms to Enhance their Safety

CDAF logoThere are some truly frightening statistics about domestic abuse in the UK. For instance, one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Each and every minute, one case of domestic abuse is reported to the Police and perhaps most shocking of all, on average, two women a week are killed by a current or former partner.

Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Forum (CDAF) is a county-wide partnership of agencies and organisations committed to the improvement of services for people who experience domestic abuse. They run a 1 Stop in Carmarthen, which offers activities and support for victims. They also work to co-ordinate services offered by the various agencies in Carmarthenshire.

As part of their service, CDAF also loan Skyguard’s MySOS  personal alarms to domestic abuse victims living in Carmarthenshire to enhance their safety. The Welsh Government, through the Carmarthenshire Community Safety Partnership, provided target hardening funding for the purchase of over 30 devices in 2014.

DV Victim no back resizeCDAF supply the MySOS personal safety devices to those most at risk of a violent attack. The MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal alarm is small, discreet and easily fits in a pocket or handbag. The device, which is fully audited and approved to BS 8484:2016 and the Police’s ‘Secured by Design’, can be used anywhere and is fitted with mobile phone and GPS technology. Upon pressing the SOS button, users will be connected to Skyguard’s 24/7 operated Incident Management Centre.

Trained Controllers will listen in via the device’s 2-way audio capability, assess the situation and talk and reassure if it is safe to do so. They’ll follow personalised escalation procedures and send the appropriate emergency response, using the GPS location… and fast – Skyguard have Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) for all the UK’s Police forces, allowing direct access to Police control rooms and bypassing the 999 service. This guarantees a faster response in the event of an emergency.

In addition, once the alarm has been raised, all audio heard through the device is digitally recorded allowing any conversation or noises relating to the incident to be potentially used as evidence for prosecution. In fact, the use of Skyguard’s audio recordings have led to a number of successful convictions and act as a real deterrent for any repeat offending and helps prevent further attacks.

Natalie Hardess of the Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Forum said of the devices, “The MySOS alarms help enhance the safety of domestic abuse victims in and outside the home. This is the reason why we purchased them. They offer genuine peace of mind to those who are known to be at real risk.”

“The most impressive thing about Skyguard’s alarms are that they’re easy to use and gives great comfort to those knowing there’s someone at the other end of the line if they need them.”

Natalie Hardess of the Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Forum

It’s not just CDAF that issues personal alarms to domestic violence victims; Skyguard’s widely utilised, proven service offers a vital lifeline for people under threat in a wide variety of real life situations. In fact, over half the UK’s Police forces trust and use Skyguard on a daily basis to protect the most vulnerable in their care, including sufferers of domestic abuse, kidnap targets and those in witness protection programmes.

Find out more about how we work with the  Police to protect victims of domestic abuse, read about how one of our alarms brought about the prosecution of an offender or request a demonstration of the MySOS here.