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Skyguard’s Personal Safety Service Provides Reassurance to Dairy Crest’s Delivery Drivers

Dairy CrestDairy Crest have employed the services of Skyguard to help mitigate potential risk to their lone working delivery drivers by equipping them with personal safety devices, enabling them to raise the alarm 24 hours a day, wherever they are.

The leading British dairy products company, known for producing brands such as Cathedral City, Utterly Butterly, Country Life and Frijj, employs over 5,000 staff across the UK. Some of these employees work alone – such as their delivery drivers, who visit unmanned sites at unsociable hours.

As a responsible employer that takes the health and safety of its staff seriously, Dairy Crest has developed robust lone worker policies, which include the provision for their LGV drivers to carry BS 8484 approved personal safety devices.

Skyguard are Europe’s leading personal safety service for lone workers and vulnerable individuals and are fully accredited to the highest industry standards. Skyguard’s range of personal alarms and mobile phone software solutions directly link to a dedicated Incident Management Centre (IMC), where trained Controllers are on hand 24/7 to deal specifically with Skyguard alarms.

With one button alarm activation, two-way voice communications and GPS technology fitted into every Skyguard personal safety device, help is always at hand. As soon as an alarm is raised, Skyguard Controllers will know who is calling for help and where they are. They’ll listen in to what is happening and talk and reassure if it’s safe to do so. They’ll assess the situation and summon the right course of action, calling the emergency services if needed. They also have direct links to all of the UK’s Police force’s control rooms, bypassing the 999 system and guaranteeing a faster response.

However, it was another feature of the devices that impressed Dairy Crest the most. The built-in ‘Mandown’ fall detector enables the device to automatically send an alarm to the IMC in the event of a fall or sudden impact. The feature is vital if the user slips, trips or is knocked unconscious and is unable to raise an alarm manually.

A Spokesman for the Transport Team at Chadwell Heath explains, “We were concerned about our delivery drivers visiting sites late at night that are unmanned and what would happen in the event of an accident.”

“We needed a device that would call for help if a driver couldn’t raise the alarm themselves. Skyguard’s devices fit the bill perfectly. They’re simple to use, yet robust. Having a backup team that look after our staff is very reassuring.”

Dairy Crest Spokesman for the Transport Team at Chadwell Heath

Another aspect of Skyguard’s service that is also regularly used by Dairy Crest is the ability to pool or share devices between users. As part of the service subscription, organisations have full access to Skyguard’s secure online administration portal, the Customer Service Centre (CSC). Client administrators can assign devices to different Drivers, dependant on their shift patterns, at the simple click and drag of a mouse. Changes are made in real time and ensures Controllers have the right user profile information in the event of an alarm. The unparalleled flexibility of Skyguard’s CSC enables Dairy Crest to keep their costs down, as they don’t have to equip each driver with their own device. Unlike other lone worker service providers, the service is free with unlimited usage.

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