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Leading pet retailer Pets At Home has implemented Skyguard’s BS 8484:2016 approved MySOS devices to mitigate potential risk to store based colleagues.

Pets at HomeWith over 400 stores, Pets At Home is the largest pet retailer in the UK employing over 7000 colleagues under  5 subdivisions: Pets at Home retail, Vets 24/7, Grooming Parlour, Supply Chain Operatives and Delivery Drivers. As is the case with any retailer, contact with the public is at the heart of these roles, and on very rare occasions employees can be faced with potentially threatening situations such as robberies, shop-lifting or anti-social behaviour.

Often, Pets At Home retail colleagues are responsible for managing the vicinity, key handling and carrying cash; with plenty at stake should these matters fall in to the wrong hands. The company decided that in order to protect employees and pets alike it was necessary to adopt a reliable and trusted personal safety solution, turning to Skyguard.

The keyfob-sized MySOS personal safety alarm was the chosen solution for Pets At Home. Accredited to BS 8484:2016 standards, the device is equipped with the latest mobile phone and GPS tracking technology.

When the user raises the alarm, an alert is instantly sent to Skyguard’s dedicated Incident Management Centre (IMC) along with the GPS location of the device. Specifically trained controllers at the IMC will first listen in and assess the situation before talking to the user and taking the appropriate action. Using the escalation instructions provided, the Controller will, if necessary, directly contact the local police control room, bypassing the 999 service for a faster response.

The information relayed is sufficiently detailed to allow the emergency services responding to the incident to call upon the information supplied and start making appropriate preparations before they arrive at the scene. All audio and actions from the incident are digitally recorded and can be used as legal evidence if required.

It was essential for Pets At Home that the alarms were easy to use and that training could be given at convenient times. After rolling out the Skyguard devices this is exactly what Pets At Home experienced, as explained by Duncan Kitching, Head of Loss Prevention, “When deploying to colleagues we found it very user friendly. To operate the alarm and train colleagues remotely is extremely easy.”

“It’s all about peace of mind and that sense of security that we have gained from implementing the service. Skyguard provides great security at minimal cost.”

Duncan Kitching, Head of Loss Prevention

In implementing the devices, Pets At Home is safeguarding all employee groups whilst helping to fulfil their duty of care. When asked if employees have felt more confident since the roll out, Duncan commented, “It’s all about peace of mind and that sense of security that we have gained from implementing the service. Skyguard provides great security at minimal cost.”

Explaining whether Pets At Home would recommend Skyguard’s service to other organisations, Duncan concluded: “Of course, it’s a no brainer where employees are exposed to dangers in the work place, to deploy such a versatile device is supporting our store teams.”