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“A member of staff once had a knife pulled out at them whilst working. This is when lone worker protection becomes crucial, it’s not worth taking the risk.”

Secure solutions group

Secure Solutions Group are an award-winning security provider who offer first aid training, mental health transportation, event security and medical logistics through their close partnership with the NHS. After recognising the risks faced by their lone working employees, they decided to equip them with Skyguard’s personal safety device.

Providing their services to both private and public sectors, the company hold high levels of responsibility and are in charge of dealing with critical, challenging scenarios. In order to achieve a fast paced response, Secure Solutions Group employ a dynamic team of front line specialists who often work alone during unsociable hours.

The medical logistics and transportation team work on a 24/7 call out basis. The ambulance responders in particular, work alone collecting and delivering organs to varying locations across the UK.

The group also employ a number of public facing security officers who work within festival and nightclub environments. Due to the nature of their roles, they are exposed to individuals who are often under the influence of alcohol and commonly find themselves dealing with aggressive and violent behaviour. Calling for help can be challenging, especially without alerting the aggressor and making a threatening situation worse.

Joseph Newman – Operations Manager at Secure Solutions Group: stated “numerous alarms have had to be raised. On one occasion, a member of staff had a knife pulled out at them whist working. Skyguard’s solution is pivotal to our employee’s safety”.

Skyguard’s MySOS personal safety device has been issued to staff and is compact and inconspicuous, looking similar to a car key fob. It’s small enough to fit inside a pocket, can be clipped onto a belt, attached to an ID card or worn on a lanyard.

At the press of a button, users can cambulance nall for help via Skyguard’s 24 hour operating Incident Management Centre (IMC). Professionally trained Controllers are always on hand to communicate with the user through the device’s two-way audio functionality. The device is also built with GPS technology, allowing the Controller to pinpoint the employee’s exact location on a map. After following bespoke escalation procedures specified by the company, the Controller will either inform designated staff or escalate to the emergency services, such as the police.

In fact, being accredited to the highest industry standard, BS 8484:2016 gives Skyguard direct access to police control rooms via a Unique Reference Number (URN). This enables the emergency services to dispatch a faster priority one response than is available to the general public through the 999 system.

Joseph added, “we chose Skyguard as our lone worker protection provider due to the price per month, their impressive accreditation’s and client base”.

Whilst the group carry out their services to help others, staff can feel reassured that their own well-being is in safe hands should they require assistance during any time or place.

When asked if Secure Solutions Group would recommend Skyguard’s service to other organisations, Joseph stated:

“Yes, most definitely. I’d recommend the service as a whole. I referred Skyguard to one of the hospitals we work with and our medical teams working there feel safe knowing they have their devices at hand”.

Joseph Newman – Operations Manager at Secure Solutions Group

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