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“Choosing Skyguard’s service to protect our employees ultimately came down to the reliability and affordability of the safety devices.”


Suffolk County Council are one of the many councils who have decided to equip their lone working employees with Skyguard’s personal safety devices.  Suffolk, the East Anglian county has an approximate population of 745,277 and the local council employs 5,373 staff. Each of these employees are distributed into varying roles to administer public services throughout the region.

It’s crucial that the risks faced by employees are considered at all times, especially for those working alone. Organisations are required by law to fulfil a duty of care to all staff and are responsible for employee wellbeing. The key employment sectors at risk identified by the council were those working in health and social care; children and young people’s services, Trading Standards; transport and highways; and the fire and rescue services. These encompass a number of roles, the main being lone workers; staff working with vulnerable people and in customer’s homes; and remote working.

The highways staff employed by the council, face working in highly hazardous areas. These employees can find themselves working on the edge of busy roads, during late hours with no one in close proximity. In some cases, staff also work around potentially dangerous machinery and face working in adverse weather conditions, naturally making them more vulnerable to experiencing an injury.

With this in mind, Suffolk County Council decided to equip these employees with Skyguard’s MySOS personal alarms. With just a press of the devices SOS button, an alarm will trigger and be received by Skyguard’s very own 24/7 Incident Management Centre. Here, a trained Controller will listen in and follow bespoke escalation procedures depending on the severity of the situation.

highway_man 3“The deciding factors in choosing Skyguard came down to the quality of the devices, the competitive pricing and the service as a whole”.

– As stated by  Helen Muddock, Safety, Health & Wellbeing Advisor.

With two-way audio, GPS locating, Mandown detection as well as a host of other features, the device is fully accredited to the highest industry standard, BS 8484:2016. With this, Skyguard have direct access to police control rooms and are able to bypass the 999 system, ensuring for quick response times in an emergency.

Suffolk County Council, decided to opt for roaming SIMs in conjunction with their MySOS devices. These find the strongest signal from the UK’s major mobile networks, so that staff are able to raise an alarm when working in remote areas with limited coverage.

With the implementation of Skyguard’s MySOS devices, Suffolk Council’s lone working employees can confidently carry out their day to day roles knowing that if they were to find themselves in a difficult situation, they have round the clock support.

Working within highways maintenance is fairly hands on, therefore, staff needed a robust solution to meet their needs. Skyguard’s MySOS is designed for ease of use, the workers can attach it to a belt clip, arm band, or simply wear the device on a lanyard.

Helen added “Skyguard’s solution has allowed our staff, particularly lone workers to feel more confident whilst working, which is something we consider really important. Having a device does not negate the need for having robust lone worker and personal safety procedures to reduce and control risks, but is certainly an excellent part of the toolkit and is there to ensure staff can summon assistance should it be required. We would highly recommend the service to others looking for lone worker protection”.

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