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Skyguard Help UKPC Tackle Abuse Faced By Parking Attendants

UK Parking Control

UK Parking Control (UKPC) are one of the UK’s leading private parking companies, operating on a range of sites across the country – from residential, leisure, commercial and retail. The company has approximately 250 employees, some of which find themselves working alone in potentially risky situations.

With parking attendants experiencing verbal and physical abuse on an almost daily basis, UKPC has tackled the issued by providing staff with personal safety alarms from leading lone worker protection suppliers, Skyguard.

These small devices are carried by the parking teams on their person giving them the ability to get help fast should they need it.

Simply pressing the SOS button sends an alert discreetly to Skyguard’s industry accredited BS 8484:2016 and BS 5979 Category II Incident Management Centre (IMC). Controllers then listen in via the device to assess the situation, if they hear signs that the user is in immediate danger, they can escalate the situation as per instructions that have been set out by the company. This may involved contacting a manager or the emergency services if appropriate.

On activation of the device, the user is able to speak to Controllers directly at any time 24/7 which can be reassuring if they are feeling threatened. There is added peace of mind that Controllers can see exactly where the user is so that police can locate them quickly.

Parking AttendantParking attendants, mainly lone workers, use the devices to report incidents and to defuse hostile situations prior to escalation. The fast response rate from the IMC often means the situation is defused prior to escalation.

Human Resources Manager, Tom Bishop explains just why these devices have become an essential safety requirement for UKPC’s parking attendants.

“The possession of these devices makes our employees feel safer, and the level of service provided supports this confidence.”

Tom Bishop, Human Resources Manager, UKPC

Describing a recent incident that occurred, he continues, “One example of the effectiveness is last year when our employee was physically abused by a member of public. Our employee immediately pressed the SOS button, which resulted in a swift response from the IMC, who immediately escalated to the police.”
Not only were the police on hand quickly to deal with the incident, thanks to Skyguard’s use of Police Unique Reference Numbers, but evidence recorded by the device can be used as supporting evidence in court.

Tom also spoke very highly of the online CSC portal which is used to manage the service and the support he’d received. He stated, “Based on the level of service both online and via the telephone, I’d recommend Skyguard to other organisations looking to protect their lone workers.”

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