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Yara UK use Skyguard’s Smartphone App to Protect their Engineers 24/7

Nutriox TechnicalThe safety and wellbeing of employees in your care is a serious business. Whilst it is recommended that all lone workers should be provided with a means to call for help in a crisis or emergency, sometimes, carrying a dedicated personal safety device may not be the ideal solution for that particular job role or individual.

Take for instance Yara UK’s Nutriox department. Nutriox is a process to control septicity in pumped sewer systems. Yara’s Nutriox department cover over 1,000 sites across the British Isles and the majority of those are unmanned. Site visits are often conducted by lone Field Engineers, so a means to call for help in difficult situations was needed to help fulfil the company’s Duty of Care to each employee.

Carl Woollins, Technical Support Manager for Yara UK listened to the needs of his Field Engineers before implementing a lone worker protection solution. It was made clear in discussions that the Engineers preferred a solution that could be integrated with their mobile phones. Carl explains why, “Your mobile is also something you always check for, so people carry them. It means my staff can’t forget to take it.”

With this in mind, Carl sourced ‘Skyguard for Smartphone’ – an innovative software application which transforms a mobile phone or PDA into a fully functional personal safety device.

The software, available as a quick and easy download, enables the user to call for help at the press of just one button. An alarm is activated by holding the designated alarm button which will override the handset’s keypad and PIN lock. This opens up a two-way voice communications with Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre where trained Controllers are on hand to deal with any emergency 365 days a year.

“It’s been a real benefit to the Engineers. They feel more secure that if anything went wrong they would be found more easily and saved.”

Carl Woollins, Technical Support Manager for Yara UK

Upon an alarm activation, the Controller will know who is calling and their GPS location will be shown via an on-screen map. All emergency contacts, escalation details and personal information (including medical conditions) are displayed. Using their vast experience and expertise, the Controller will listen in to what is happening, assess the situation and select the most appropriate course of action, which may include escalation to the emergency services. All calls and actions are digitally recorded and stored and can be used as admissible evidence for litigation.

Another feature of the application which gives the Engineers even greater peace of mind; the Delayed Alarm allows the user to set up a countdown timer from their mobile phone. The alarm will be automatically raised unless the timer is cancelled by the user before it expires.

Other functions, including GPS position reports (recording user’s locations at set interval times) and Voice Memo (Amber Alerts) makes Skyguard for Smartphone the most complete lone worker protection application available today. What’s more, full access to a suite of reports and customisation of your account via the online Customer Service Centre is included at no extra cost. Carl sums it up:

“I’m very happy with the Skyguard for Smartphone application. The easy integration with our mobile phones, quality support and the fact it works so well means I’m more than happy to recommend the service provided.”

Skyguard for Smartphone is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile handsets.