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Spreading a Little Kindness

17 February 2018
 February 17, 2018

As you may already be aware from scrolling through your Twitter feed, today is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, a whole day dedicated to encouraging people to spread a little kindness by doing good deeds for others.

This global event – celebrated each year on February 17th – originated in New Zealand but has seen a massive growth in popularity in the last few years, spreading its message of kindness across the world. The beauty of this particular movement is that anybody can get involved, whether it’s a simple as paying someone a compliment, giving up your seat on a bus, checking on a neighbour or even just smiling at a stranger.

Keeping with the spirit of the day, we thought we’d share a few heartwarming stories from our Incident Management Centre of how people have come to the aid of others in times of need.

Stories from our Incident Management Centre

One of our users happened to arrive on the scene moments after a young boy was struck by a car. Seeing that the boy was in need of urgent medical attention they acted fast and activated their alarm. Our Controllers were able to confirm that an ambulance was on the way and we stayed on the line until it arrived. The user’s quick thinking enabled help to get to them faster and provide reassurance in what was a very emotive situation.

On another occasion a user who witnessed a car accident was able to use her device’s GPS to get an accurate position, which was passed on to the ambulance enabling the crew to track them down.

When an elderly user suffered a bad fall, a passer-by came to her aid and spoke to us through the lady’s device, which had been automatically triggered when she fell. As help was required, our Controllers called an ambulance to check her over. The passer by stayed with the lady, even using her mobile to phone the user’s daughter so she could speak directly with paramedics.

Of course, these tales are just a few of the acts kindness that our team have witnessed, as we are often surprised and uplifted by the lengths that people will go to assist others in an emergency. In these situations, the kindness of strangers and help that they provide cannot be underestimated.