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Skyguard Customer Referral Scheme

Recommend Skyguard… Earn £100


To show our appreciation to all of our customers who refer colleagues and friends to Skyguard, we have launched a Customer Referral Scheme designed to reward you for your recommendations.

There is no better testament to the quality of our service than someone who has first-hand experience with the level of customer support and emergency response that Skyguard provides, and this is our way of thanking you.

How Does It Work

Skyguard will reward the referring individual or company with high street gift vouchers for each referred customer who subscribes to our service. Rewards are issued in tiers based upon the number of annual subscriptions each referred customer purchases. The reward tiers are broken down as follows:

No. Subscriptions       Gift Voucher Value
1-10                                      £10
11-25                                   £25
26-50                                  £50
51-100                                £75
Over 100                          £100

Upon recommending someone to Skyguard simply email their name and organisation to, and include your name and postal address. When the customer signs-up we will write back to you enclosing your rewards voucher. The vouchers can be spent at 20,000 high street stores nationwide and online, including leading brands such as Boots, Debenhams, Ernest Jones, House of Fraser, and many more.

Awarding of Vouchers

Rewards will be despatched within 28 days of Skyguard receiving initial payment from the referred client. There is no limit between the time of the referral and the time the contract is signed. If you make a referral that leads to a contract years later, the fee will still apply. A referral fee may be split when multiple parties refer the potential new client. If there is any dispute over a referral or reward, Skyguard will be the sole arbiter, subject to English law. This scheme has been in effect since 19 August 2011. Skyguard reserves the right to amend or cancel the referral program at any time. This scheme is not applicable to Skyguard Business Associates as they are paid on a commission basis; click here to find out more about partnering with Skyguard as a Business Associate.

We thank you for your confidence in Skyguard and we look forward to rewarding you.