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Remaining Vigilant in Times of Uncertainty

3 December 2015
 December 3, 2015
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In light of the recent horrific events in Paris and others around the world, it is imperative that we consider how to keep ourselves, our staff and our businesses safe. In general towns and cities across the UK are safe places to visit, however, it’s always sensible to take precaution especially in these times of uncertainty.

Here are Skyguard’s tips for remaining vigilant.

  1. Never leave your bags or belongings unattended, they might be viewed as a security concern
  2. Report any suspicious packages or behaviour to security staff or the Police. Prompt and detailed reporting can help prevent violent crimes or terrorist attacks. When reporting suspicious activity, try to give an accurate description as possible, including:


Brief description of the activity

Date, time and location

Physical appearance of anybody involved

Description of vehicles

Where they may have gone since leaving the area


It’s important to remember that you can report suspicious behaviour anonymously

  1. Arrange a meeting point if you are travelling in a group, particularly with children in case you become separated
  2. When carrying a bag, ensure that the straps are fastened tightly enough to fit snugly under your arm. Loose bags or exposed pockets are easy targets for perpetrators
  3. Travel with friends for ‘safety in numbers’, potential attackers are less likely to target people that are in groups
  4. Be aware when using headphones, they can reduce the awareness you have of your surroundings
  5. Only use taxis or mini cabs that are licensed, these are easily recognised by a license on display


There are also procedures that can be implemented to protect our staff and businesses in an emergency situation:

  1. Regular reviews of the company’s risk assessment, planning and testing procedures. Assessing the threat to your people, property and technology is a priority to finding a resolution.
  2. Ensure your emergency drills are still fit for purpose
  3. Implement a fast and effective communication system for getting messages across in a clear and timely manner
  4. Train employees on what to do should they encounter a threat, who they should contact etc. Providing lone workers with a mobile phone or even better a dedicated personal alarm is ideal. As with Skyguard’s devices, the push of a button can put the user in direct contact with the Incident Management Centre, displaying their exact location.