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National Response Service

Backup and assistance from over 1,000 mobile security teams

Skyguard’s National Response Service is an integral part of the Skyguard Service and provides an alternative emergency response should the emergency services be unable to attend an incident, an emergency service is not appropriate, or for any non emergency response that employees may require.

This service is offered through a network of approved security companies spread across the UK, employing over 1,000 mobile teams.

Each company is certified by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme which ensures continuous high standards are achieved.

National Response Service call out

When an employee requests the National Response Service, our controllers will call out the nearest available response service driver to the incident. Response times will vary and partly depend on the location of the incident: there will be a quicker response in city centres than in remote rural areas.

Our controllers will maintain regular contact with both the user and the response vehicle until the emergency has been attended and dealt with.

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