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Retail Lone Worker Alarms From 20p per Day

Skyguard work with some of the largest names in retail to protect shop and lone workers from accidents, assaults and abuse on a daily basis

Retail is the largest private sector in the UK with nearly three million workers employed. In tough economic times, employers are under pressure to cut costs wherever. This means an increasing number of retail jobs require people to work alone, often feeling isolated and vulnerable. Many hazards that face these lone workers are similar to other workers, except the risks involved are greater as there is no immediate help at hand.

Speaking of risks, it’s estimated that retail crime cost the UK economy approximately £1.4billion a year. More significantly, crime is becoming more violent and lone working staff are bearing the brunt of this. With no immediate help or support to hand, it gives criminals an easy target. In fact, industry figures show that 20,000 shop workers are physically attacked each year and an even greater number are exposed to threats of violence and verbal abuse.

Traditional methods of raising the alarm have their limitations. Under the counter panic buttons are only useful if the worker is within reach. Typically, upon activation, they don’t record what is happening nor can a trained Controller listen in and monitor to select the right course of action to take. With such inflexibility in their operation, many crimes can go undetected or only reported after the incident has occurred.

Retail crime isn’t just limited to the shop front. Lone workers are asked to carry out duties such as opening and closing of premises… cash in transit (carrying the day’s takings)… receiving deliveries, often at the back of premises and travelling to and from work in unsociable hours.

The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) have expressed concerns over the levels of violent crime against shop workers. USDAW General Secretary John Hannett said: “2012 saw more than 28,700 retail workers attacked, threatened or verbally abused during the year – totally unacceptable. Every worker deserves to be treated with respect and should not have to put up with aggressive and abusive behaviour.

“Our figures show incidents of verbal abuse and threatening behaviour are still all too commonplace. We also know shoplifting is often a flashpoint and the most common trigger for violence against staff.”
John Hannett – USDAW General Secretary

Skyguard provide constant round-the-clock backup and assistance to your employees wherever… whenever.

MySOS 2 resize no back 1Raising the alarm is not just limited to pressing a panic button under the counter; our handy keyfob-sized personal safety devices and mobile phone applications allow staff to carry professional backup and assistance with them at all times. What’s more, there’s no need for costly installation and maintenance – we can have you set up with 24/7 protection right away.

Skyguard is cost-effective too. With solutions starting from just 20p per day, we can help fulfil your legal and moral Duty of Care to your staff. By reducing the chances of serious injury or even death, it makes you as an employer less susceptible to crippling fines, legal fees, criminal convictions and damaging reputations. By carrying a personal alarm, it’s also proven to boost staff morale and confidence.

Our personal safety devices can also be shared or pooled between staff at no extra cost too – keeping your costs to a minimum.

With GPS positioning, 2-way audio communications, a 24 hour manned Incident Management Centre, Mandown fall detector and a whole host of other features, there is no better solution in the marketplace today than Skyguard’s MySOS personal alarm.

That’s why we work with some of the largest retail brands in the UK including Greggs, B&Q, Tesco, Hallmark, Carpet Right, Co-Operative and World Duty Free. Clients range from large supermarket chains to independent Jewellers, but no requirement is too big or too small for us to manage.

Simply talk to us and we’ll find the right solution for your exact needs.


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