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GPS tracking alarms perfectly suited for those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Old woman no back 1Having a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia should not prevent people living with the condition from remaining independent and choosing how to live, whether it’s a trip to the shops, meeting friends for lunch or going for a nice walk. However, it’s not uncommon for sufferers to go missing when out and about, losing their memory, becoming disorientated and forgetting the way home.

Skyguard Telecare overcomes these limitations and is proven to transform the lives of vulnerable individuals by giving them greater independence and providing effective personalised support, wherever they go. As the Skyguard solution utilises GPS technology in a convenient portable personal safety device, it is not confined to the home, allowing the individual to wear it as a pendant, affix to belt, or attach it to a keyring.

Now, more and more Local Authorities and NHS Trusts are using Skyguard’s GPS tracking alarms to help family, friends and relatives find their loved ones if they go missing.

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Research suggests that these devices give people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s an enhanced sense of independence whilst helping family and carers feel more reassured.

For instance, take great-grandmother Kathleen Barker. Diagnosed with dementia, her condition is worsening and needs support. However, she is not yet ready for a care home. This meant her family were faced with a difficult choice, how could they ensure Kathleen gets the right level of support?

Havering Council issues Skyguard’s personal safety devices that helps Kathleen to remain in her own home, while also giving the family the peace of mind they desperately need.

The small device, which can be worn as a necklace, broach, on a belt or waistband, or stored in a purse and can pinpoint her exact location – ideal if she pops to the shops during the day and becomes lost or disorientated. She can use the buttons on the device to call one of her sons, or a dedicated helpline with trained controllers for help, but the family find it more helpful as they can check her location themselves and can find her wherever she is, even if she is too disorientated to press the button herself.

Kathleen likes to pop to the shops once a week. Previous to having the device, she would sometimes become lost until someone took her to the Police station. Now, the MySOS device allows her to go shopping while her family have nothing to worry about.

“Her carer comes in the morning and puts it in her purse; we find that the best place for it as she never leaves home without it. It’s a godsend that it shows where she is.
“She likes to pop into Romford to do her shopping and she has got lost before, someone took her to the police station. This gives her independence while the family are at work.”
“It gives us peace of mind but allows her to keep up her independence, which is ideal as she’s at the in-between stage where we know she is not ready for a care home, but she also cannot live completely alone.”
Jo Barker – Granddaughter of Kathleen, dementia sufferer and MySOS user

It’s not just Kathleen and her family that’s benefitted from the technology either. Up and down the country, Telecare providers are using Skyguard as part of a growing solution to give increased independence to those living with these conditions. Providers like Gloucestershire Telecare , who have issued 90 MySOS devices to those in their care. Advanced Telecare Technician, Jessica Murfitt explains.

“After trialling a few options, we chose to purchase Skyguard devices as they could be tailored to meet the needs of our service users with dementia, Alzheimer’s and learning difficulties.”

“If the user gets lost, their family can just text the device to find out the precise location.”

“We’ve also had instances where they have needed to raise the alarm when they find themselves in an unfamiliar area and cannot remember their way home. However, Skyguard’s Controllers are always on hand to help guide and assist them whilst contacting their relatives.”

“The MySOS has helped so many of those living with the condition to continue to lead independent lives and giving their family the peace of mind that they so desperately need. They’ve described having it as ‘a big relief’ which is great.”
Jessica Murfitt – Advanced Telecare Technician, Gloucestershire Telecare

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How Does it Work?

The palm-sized units, fitted with GPS locating technology, are issued to those suffering with dementia, Alzheimer’s or similar conditions. The users simply pop the device in their pocket, attach it to their belt or hang it from their neck when they go for a walk. Now, if they lose their way, a simple press of the buttons on the device will either connect them to Skyguard’s 24 hour manned Incident Management Centre or a dedicated pre-programmed contact, such as a carer or relative.

If the user is too disorientated to call for help themselves, they can still be located; a simple text message sent to the device will pinpoint its exact location, as shown on a map, via a computer or internet-enabled mobile phone.

In addition to these features, our service includes full use of our Online Customer Service Centre portal. It allows client administrators to keep track of your account, including assigning personal safety devices to users (our alarms are transferable between users at the click of a mouse, at no cost).

You can update personal details (vital if your users have new medication, illness or other essential information required in an emergency), and comes with tracking and locating reports.

The solution has delivered significant cost savings to Councils, NHS Trusts and Housing Associations at a time when budgets are under increasing pressure, allowing resources to be channelled into areas where they are needed most.

Skyguard work with over 100 Local Authorities to provide them with 24/7 backup and support using our range of personal safety devices. What’s more, over 150 NHS Trusts, 100 Housing Associations and half the UK’s Police forces trust and use our service on a daily basis.

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