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Skyguard Certified to All Elements of BS 8484

NSI Silver

Skyguard is now accredited by NSI to all elements of BS 8484 – the code of practice for the provision of Lone Worker Device services, making it the only provider in the industry to offer a fully certified, wholly-owned solution.

On 14 April 2011, Skyguard was awarded the NSI Silver Lone Worker Services certificate for parts 4 and 5 of BS 8484. This award is in addition to the NSI ARC Gold certificate (which includes part 6 of BS 8484), that Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre was awarded in January 2010 – the first Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of its type in the UK to receive the accreditation.

BS8484 sets the standard to which UK lone worker device service suppliers should achieve and can be measured against. It is important as a benchmark for employer’s sourcing a credible provider, as it enables the highest level of police response to an alarm.

The Silver certificate covers part 4 of BS 8484 which relates to the company’s finances, legal standing, insurance premises, personnel, training and resources. It also covers part 5, which refers to the features and characteristics of Skyguard’s range of personal safety devices that are used by customers to generate alarms. Part 6, which Skyguard was certified last year under the ARC Gold certificate, relates specifically to the operations and services provided by the ARC. Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre is also accredited to BS 5979 (Cat II), the highest standard for ARC’s, and ISO 9001 for its quality management system.

Skyguard’s commitment to the highest industry standards extends beyond NSI’s rigorous assessment; in September 2010 their GEMshield personal safety device was awarded ACPO’s coveted Secured by Design – one of the few devices to meet police national approval.

“To be awarded NSI certification for parts 4, 5 and 6 of BS 8484 represents a huge achievement”, said James Murray, Chief Executive of Skyguard. “It clearly illustrates that Skyguard is a complete end-to-end provider; from the development of our own range of devices to operating our own dedicated ARC and monitoring software. Ours is the only company in the industry that can genuinely make such a claim.”