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Skyguard Contingency Plans for the London 2012 Games

23 July 2012
 July 23, 2012
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With the 2012 Olympics due start in a few days time, businesses which operate in areas around the Games (and its associated events), are likely to experience severe disruption to their day-to-day operations. Contingency and forward planning is therefore essential to ensure the impact the Games has on business continuity is kept to a minimum.

Contingency planning is even more critical when the nature of your business is providing a vital lifeline and backup to high risk individuals facing potentially life threatening incidents. Therefore, Skyguard has been planning for many months in advance to ensure that our service continues to operate as efficiently as possible throughout the course of the Games.

We are able to do this by applying the following:

  1. As an end-to-end service provider which wholly owns each component of the service; this ensures we have specialist expertise and reduces communication time between each of our service elements
  2. All of our personal safety devices & smartphone applications are certified to BS 8484, which enables the highest level of Police response and bypasses the 999 service
  3. We provide a ‘Roaming’ SIM card option for client devices, which mitigates against signal black spots and major network outages.
  4. We operate our own state-of-the-art, 24/7, Incident Management Centre (IMC) certified to the highest industry standards; BS 8484, BS 5979 Category II, and ISO 9001
  5. Our IMC utilises a UPS battery backup, which is further backed up by an 80KVA auto-start diesel generator
  6. We operate multiple phone lines with three tier redundant-routing mechanisms in place
  7. We utilise high speed broadband lines, backed up by two independent providers and routed via separate exchanges
  8. We have tried and tested Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans in place
  9. We operate an interim Disaster Recovery site within a 1.5 mile radius, and a full Disaster Recovery site located outside of the county boundaries
  10. We employee our own Engineers, Developers, IMC Controllers, Customer & Technical support operatives in-situ, to ensure customers receive the best possible service
  11. All of our employees are externally security screened and vetted to BS 7858 standards and against the Police National Computer
  12. Our Controllers are recruited from within the local area to ensure easy commutable access to our IMC
  13. Controllers undertake rigorous training, a graduation exam, and adhere to strict operational procedures and guidelines
  14. We operate communication links with the Games’ security stakeholders to ensure rapid dissemination of essential information and alerts

It has often been reported that the 2012 Games represents the greatest security challenge the UK has faced since World War 2, and one of the biggest logistical peacetime undertakings in the world. In spite of the challenges ahead, Skyguard’s business continuity strategy means that we are suitably prepared in providing our customers with the best possible service throughout the course of the Games.