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Skyguard Devices to be used for The Wildlife Trust’s Innovative Centenary Event

Reserve it

Thanks to the help of Skyguard, The Wildlife Trust are celebrating their centenary year with a fun new challenge for companies.

Corporate teams from across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire will have just 6 hours to visit as many Wildlife Trust nature reserves as they can – in fancy dress! Saturday 22nd September 2012 is Reserve It! day where corporate teams will be using their skills in planning, decision making and leadership along with their Skyguard tracking devices to travel around the counties visiting as many nature reserves as possible.

Teams will need to decide the best route to take to gain as many points as possible with different reserves being worth different points. Skyguard is supporting this team event by providing the Wildlife Trust with key fob sized GPS tracking devices for each team to monitor their progress through the day.

Teams will be given extra points for using innovative transport and the best fancy dress. In the lead up to the event teams will also be challenged to raise £1000 to help the Wildlife Trust with the conservation work needed to keep these reserves in good condition for our wildlife and local communities.

“We are delighted that Skyguard have chosen to support this innovative new event. We normally use Skyguard devices to monitor our lone working staff on remote nature reserves so it’s great to be using them for something a bit more fun that is helping to raise money to keep those nature reserves in tip top condition” – Caroline Prout, Corporate Partnerships Manager from the Wildlife Trust

Will Murray, Skyguard’s Marketing Director added, “Skyguard are thrilled to be able to support The Wildlife Trust’s novel event with our MySOS devices, and wish them every success in raising funds for such a worthy cause.”

If you think your company has a team worthy of winning the Wildlife Trust Reserve It! Challenge Cup get in touch at or contact Caroline Prout on 01954 713 549.