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Skyguard's Lone Worker Devices Featured in Nursing Standard

8 October 2018
 October 8, 2018
Skyguard featured in best-selling nursing journal
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Skyguard’s parent company, Send For Help, have been featured by the UK’s best-selling nursing journal, Nursing Standard, in a piece highlighting how recent legislation changes are only the first step in protecting NHS staff from violence.

In light of The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill coming into effect in England and Wales next month, the article discusses the measures that should be adopted to safeguard vulnerable NHS workers, especially those working by themselves.

An investigation undertaken by Nursing Standard revealed that there were 1,544 assaults against nursing staff working alone in England between 2015-17.

Director, Will Murray, is quoted on his view that personal safety devices should be part of a standard kit for lone workers:

He says, ‘In the same way that someone who works on a construction site isn’t allowed on a building site unless they’ve got a hard hat, high-vis vest and steel-cap boots, we consider high-risk individuals should carry a personal safety device.’

Currently Send For Help provide lone worker safety services to over 180 NHS Trusts, with around 18,000 personal safety devices issued to NHS employees. These allow staff to get help 24 hours a day from an Incident Management team, who can listen in, communicate with users directly through the device and respond accordingly.

Areille Goodburn, Care Provider at Livewell Southwest spoke of how the devices give peace of mind to nurses in times of need, she says: ‘It is good to know you can call someone in an emergency situation and that they will listen to the conversation and call the appropriate responder.’

Skyguard, is one of the NHS’s preferred suppliers having been selected for its 2018 Lone Worker Framework Agreement. Devices are available directly via the Framework, which makes purchasing lone worker safety solutions easier and more cost-effective for Trusts.

Skyguard has recently unveiled the MicroSOS, which as the world’s smallest and lightest personal alarm can easily be disguised as a USB stick due to its appearance, making it an ideal option for those seeking discreet protection.

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