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Lone worker app available for Android and iPhoneCertified to BS 8484:2016, the software transforms Android and iPhone handsets into a fully functional personal safety device.

Skyguard for Smartphone is an innovative software application which can transform a mobile or PDA into a fully functional personal safety device. Certified to BS 8484:2016 (British Standard for Lone Worker devices) the software is ideal for lone workers or other at risk individuals who don’t wish to carry a dedicated personal safety alarm.

Simply by pressing the designated alarm button on the user’s smartphone, the software will send their GPS location and identity, as well as making a voice call, to our 24/7 Incident Management Centre (IMC). Action will be taken within seconds by Controllers to assess the incident and follow your emergency procedures.

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The Skyguard for Smartphone software includes a range of useful additional features providing convenient, 24/7 protection:

GPRS Alarm Transmission

  The alarm is activated by holding the designated alarm button which will override the handset's keypad and PIN lock. On pressing the alarm button the user's GPS location and identity are transmitted via GPRS for cost-effectiveness to our Incident Management Centre, or via SMS as a backup if GPRS is not available.

Position Reports

  Position reports will record the user’s location at a specific date and time and can be sent at regular configurable intervals (the default is 30 minutes) or manually whenever needed. The user’s location can be viewed on an online map at Skyguard’s secure Customer Service Centre portal.

Discreet Vibration

  Our software enables the handset to vibrate discreetly confirming when the alarm has been sent to and received by our IMC Controllers, without alerting an aggressor.

Quick Download and Easy Installation

  The software is quickly and easily downloaded ‘over-the-air’ directly onto your handset.

Voice Memo 

  This feature enables users to leave voice messages specific to their situation, such as who you are meeting and how long you expect to be. This may be useful if GPS is not available, such as when entering a building. The memo is then immediately available to Controllers if an alarm is activated.

Customer Service Centre

  Individual customer access to Skyguard’s online Customer Service Centre (CSC), enables the user or administrator to securely update and maintain their account details and personal information, in real-time 24/7. This means the information is immediately available to Controllers if the alarm is activated. The CSC also allows customers to create bespoke alarm escalation procedures depending on your requirements.

Delayed Alarm (Amber Alert)

  This feature allows the user to set up a delayed alarm (Amber Alert), configurable to any time period from 5 minutes up to 6 hours. The alarm will be automatically raised unless the timer is cancelled by the user before it expires. This allows the user to discreetly raise an alarm without alerting an aggressor when going into a potentially dangerous situation.

Keypad Lock Override

  The designated alarm button will override the handset's keypad lock, allowing the user to raise the alarm quickly and easily during any emergency situation.

One or Two-Way Audio

  On activating an alarm the software will automatically enable the handset's loudspeaker and microphone, allowing our Controllers to listen-in and talk to the user, if it's safe to do so.

Comprehensive Status Screen

  The software's status screen immediately shows the user exactly what the software is doing by just glancing at the screen. An up-to-date status of the GPS and GPRS connection is always available to view.

Automatic Software Start-up

  When switching on the handset, the software will automatically start up so the user does not need to remember to turn it on each time themselves. This feature can be enabled or disabled as required.


  All alarm calls are digitally recorded on secure servers within our IMC, should they be needed as legal evidence. Skyguard’s audio recordings have led to numerous successful prosecutions.

Help Menu

  Intuitive on-screen Help menu explains how to use the basic functions of the software. The software also comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to explain the more advanced features.

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