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Platforms supported

Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. Hundreds of handset models
are supported – please contact us to check if your handset model is compatible.
Please note, some features are dependant on the handset and operating system used.


Handset must be GPS enabled with Internet/GPRS access for cost-effective
data transfers

1 or 2-way audio

Software automatically activates the handset’s loudspeaker and microphone, allowing
our Controllers to listen-in and talk to the user, if it’s safe to do so.

Alarm message transmission

Sent via GPRS technology to provide fast and effective alarm transmission, with
SMS as a backup.

Data usage

400 bytes for each alarm or position report sent. We recommend that you contact
your network provider who may be able to offer you cost effective data bundles.

Battery life

The software has been optimised to use as little power as possible whilst it is
running. Battery life will depend on the handset used and other applications being

Technical support

Built in Help and a comprehensive instruction manual are provided, along with our
highly trained Customer Service team for technical support if required.

Download size

Android – 105 to 135 KB, Windows Mobile – 475KB.


Car charger is recommended