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Skyguard Launches Identity Badge Holder for Personal Safety Device

Personal alarms for lone workers in ID Badge Holder

Skyguard are pleased to announce the official launch of the latest accessory for the MySOS personal safety device – an identity badge holder.

The MySOS unit perfectly slots into the back of the identity badge holder, giving the user even more choice and flexibility in how to discretely carry 24/7 personal protection from Skyguard.

Weighing only 59 grams fully fitted with the device, the identity badge holder is lighter than the leading competitor. Coupled with the fact that the MySOS unit is the UK’s smallest safety device, it’s the perfect solution for any lone workers who wear an identity badge.

The accessory has already been well received amongst users and trials within the NHS have all been positive.

The badge holder is just one way of carrying the MySOS. The unit is small enough to carried on its own, attached to a set of keys, on a lanyard around the neck or clipped to a belt. Ultimately, the individual user has a wealth of options on how they wish to carry the device.

The identity badge holder is now available upon request.