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Skyguard Launches Lone Worker Personal Safety Application for Android Smartphones

Skyguard lone working apps on smartphones

Skyguard – Europe’s premier personal safety service for lone workers and those at risk have launched an Android version of their popular Mobile phone software solution – an instant downloadable application which transforms smartphones into fully functioning personal safety alarms.

The Android app allows users to raise an alarm at the touch of a button, wherever… whenever, without the need to carry a dedicated personal safety device.

Simply by pressing a single button on the user’s mobile or activating the touch screen, the software will send their GPS location and identity, as well as making a voice call, to our UK based, 24/7 manned Incident Management Centre (IMC). Action will be taken within seconds by Controllers to assess the incident and follow the user’s bespoke emergency procedures.

Skyguard’s CEO, James Murray said, “With the success of our BlackBerry software solution coupled with the increase in popularity of Android phones, it’s made sense for us to develop bespoke software for this platform. Our “Skyguard for Smartphones’ solution is a great example of how technology can be used cost-effectively to create a safer environment for lone working individuals and others in vulnerable situations.”

Android operated smartphones are the most widely used with over 52% of the market share, with this figure continuously rising. The software has been developed with the growing popularity in mind, paired with the need for a means of calling for help without the need for a dedicated personal safety device. Something Murray touches upon.

“There’s been an ever-increasing need for protecting lone working employees as more and more legislation is created with the rights of the worker in mind. Organisations are required to fulfil their Duty of Care to staff and none more so than to those working alone.”

“Our Skyguard for Smartphone application is suited to those workers who infrequently face risk and do not require a dedicated personal safety device. As it has become apparent that the majority of people use smartphones, this presents an ideal, cost-effective solution for employers protecting those under their care.”

Skyguard for Smartphone has been designed with functionality in mind. The software is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. The app continuously works in the background, as not to interfere with the user’s daily routine, yet raising an alarm is quickly, easily and discretely accessible when required – the handset vibrates when the alarm is sent and received by Skyguard’s controllers, so as not to alert an attacker.

Service features such as Delayed Alarm, Voice memo (amber alert) and full access to Skyguard’s Customer Service Centre online portal (a secure interface allowing client administrators or end-users to create and update their account details in real-time, 24/7) combine to make Skyguard for Smartphones the complete lone worker personal safety solution.

Skyguard’s new Android application is compatible with all handsets running firmware update 1.6 or higher and is fully certified to BS 8484: The Code of practice for the provision of lone worker device (LWD) services

Starting from just £8 per month for 24 hour backup and support, personal protection couldn’t be easier and more cost-effective. To find out more about our software solutions for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Mobile, call Skyguard on 0845 0360 999 or fill out the contact form here.