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Skyguard Saves Domestic Violence Victim

BBC News Article

A man was jailed after his ex-partner activated a personal safety alarm given to domestic abuse victims, fearing he was about to attack her.

The man, who was subject to bail conditions not to approach her, arrived at her home drunk and swearing.

GPS technology built into the unit helped police locate her quickly once the alarm had been set off.

The devices were given to some victims of domestic abuse in Tayside as part of a six-month pilot.

The man, who has not been named, was remanded in prison over Christmas for two breaches of the peace and a breach of his bail conditions. He has since been convicted at Perth Sheriff Court.

Highest risk

The victim, who did not wish to be identified, said: “My estranged husband had forced his way into my house and I was able to use the alarm and police arrived very quickly.

“It has meant that I feel safer not only within my home but when attending my child’s school and going to the shops. If I didn’t have the alarm I don’t think I would feel confident venturing out of the house.”

For the six-month pilot, the alarms were given to those deemed to be at the highest risk of harm from domestic abuse.

The devices have been used in England and Wales, but never before in Scotland.

Chief Supt Craig Suttie, from Tayside Police, said: “‘The GPS service located the victim swiftly and the provider of the service, Skyguard Ltd, relayed the information to Tayside Police and officers were immediately dispatched.”

The pilot is a joint project with the Perth and Kinross Community Safety Partnership and the Domestic Abuse and Violence against Women Forum.