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Skyguard - the first to offer a BS8484 service

NSI Gold

With the award of NSI ARC Gold Approval to its Incident Management Centre (IMC) for Lone Worker monitoring, Skyguard has become the first company to offer an ARC that is approved to clause 6 of BS 8484:2009, the new and demanding Code of Practice for the Provision of Lone Worker Device Services.

Dedicated solely to the monitoring of lone worker devices, the Skyguard IMC in Epsom is the first single-purpose facility in the UK to achieve NSI ARC Gold Approval for clause 6 of BS 8484:2009 which includes BS 5979:2007 Category 2. The searching approval process leading to the Gold Award included a detailed evaluation not only of the IMC’s operating and management procedures, but also for its quality management systems to ensure conformance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

The NSI certification for the IMC is complemented by the compliance of both of the personal safety devices offered by Skyguard, the GEMshield and the Skyguard 500 which both meet the requirements of BS 8484:2009 in all aspects of their construction, performance and operation.

“There are other companies that offer BS8484 certified personal safety devices for Lone Workers,” said Will Murray, Marketing Director of Skyguard Ltd, “but we are very proud to be the first to offer a complete end-to-end BS8484 package. This is because we believe that what happens after a user “presses the red button” is of critical importance, not just the device itself.”

“That’s why our IMC has only one function. Our operators are specially and specifically trained in responding to calls from individuals at risk, and are never distracted by having to carry out other work like, for example, monitoring building alarms or CCTV images. The IMC also uses our own purpose-written software that has been designed from the ground up to help us respond rapidly, efficiently and effectively.”

“For these reasons, we firmly believe that our Lone Worker service is second to none, and we’re delighted to have NSI ARC Gold approval as a valuable endorsement of our methods and practices from the UK’s leading approvals and certification body. This demonstrates Skyguard works to the highest industry standards as demanded by the Police and emergency services.”

Skyguard received its NSI ARC approval on 27th January 2010, after successfully meeting the requirements of a wide-ranging evaluation of its services and procedures carried out by NSI inspectors. The Skyguard products, as with all devices for which BS 8484 compliance is claimed, are self-certified, since no third-party certification procedure for equipment is currently available in respect of the BS 8484 standard.