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Skyguard’s MySOS Personal Safety Device Featured on BBC Click

BBC Click

The MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal safety alarm was recently featured on BBC television’s technology programme, Click.

The edition, which focussed on personal safety, discussed technology that enables users to stay safe when in vulnerable or threatening situations.

BBC Click’s presenter, Lara Lewington asks “while smartphones and other portable devices cannot do karate, they do aim to improve our personal security and allow loved ones to keep track of each other. But how far should we rely on gadgets to keep us safe?”

Skyguard’s Marketing Director, Will Murray said “As Skyguard are at the forefront of personal safety technology, we were delighted to help the BBC answer this question when they approached us. We were also more than happy to allow Click to showcase our device and software to help promote personal safety to a wider audience.”

Skyguard was the only personal safety service shown that is fully certified to BS 8484 – the standard for lone working monitoring. What’s more, the MySOS allows users to call for help to a dedicated 24/7 Incident Management Centre at the touch of a button… unlike many of the downloadable applications for smartphones. Something that Lewington picks up on in the show.

Lewington states “Flicking through your phone to find the alarm button may not be ideal. The irony is that when it comes to using apps, the one thing that should be protecting us is probably the most valuable thing we have on us.”

Will Murray says “Lara makes some valid points. Skyguard also offer a comprehensive Mobile GPS solution for mobile phones, but unlike the applications shown on Click, our solution is BS8484 certified. And to tackle one of the problems posed by Lara, our software allows the alarm to be raised with just one button which overrides the phone’s keypad lock.”

“Ultimately, we were pleased that the BBC decided to highlight the issue of personal safety and what action can be taken to help protect those in vulnerable situations.”

You can watch Lara Lewington’s piece on personal safety tech here.