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Skyguard’s Travel Safe Checklist

12 July 2016
 July 12, 2016

If you’ve planned a trip abroad, it’s important that you are aware of how to keep yourself and your belongings safe. Although for the most part foreign travel is perfectly safe, taking precaution when in unfamiliar territory is wise.

Below is Skyguard’s checklist to help you plan for a safe trip abroad.

  1. Preparation is key – Research your destination before you travel, including the Foreign Office’s travel advice website. Take note of local customs and dress and ensure you follow the rules – there may be serious penalties for breaking the law.
  1. Vaccinations – Numerous worldwide destinations require you to be vaccinated so make sure you are adequately immunised before setting off. It’s also vital to insure both yourself and your possessions prior to your trip, carrying with you any supporting documentation.
  1. Do you need a visa? – Some countries also require you to obtain a visa before you enter. Ensure you apply for these well in advance of your planned departure. They can often take several weeks to arrive and you’re likely to be refused entry without it.
  1. Note the address – Each traveller should make a note of the address where you are staying, both in English and in the local language. This helps when travelling by taxi or asking for directions should you forget the name of your accommodation.
  1. Avoid being the easy target – Try your best to blend in with your surroundings; obvious tourists are known to be easy targets for thieves. Avoiding large foldout maps/tourist guides or carrying large denominations of local currency will help.
  1. Keep your belongings close – Carry just enough cash with you for each day, leaving the rest safely secured at your hotel. Ensure all money, credit cards and identification are kept close to you and are zipped away, making the job of a pick pocket one step harder.
  1. In case of an emergency – It’s useful to note, dialling 112 in any European country will connect you to the emergency services
  1. Medical Conditions – If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure you take enough medication with you for the duration of your trip and more. This will come in handy should you have any unexpected delays.


If unfortunately, you do become a victim of crime, don’t panic. Inform the Police so that they can file a crime report. Then call your credit card companies to ensure no transactions can be made using your card. Of course, if you are protected by Skyguard International, a press of the SOS button on your device will instigate a fast, effective and fully managed emergency response.

Skyguard’s personal safety service is available in 36 countries across Europe and South Africa – providing first class emergency assistance for lone workers travelling abroad. Find out more here.