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So Simple, Even a Two-Year Old Can Raise the Alarm

2 year old with personal alarm

Too often, technology can baffle brains. Mobile phones can prove to be complicated and fiddly and computers end up irritating their users. Many become confused and are bombarded with information which turns them away from experimenting with new devices.

However, not all new technology is complicated to use. Take Skyguard’s MySOS personal safety alarm – an innovative connection tool which gives users 24/7 backup and protection wherever they go. Although the device is packed with functions and features, its uncomplicated design and one-button alarm activation is so simple to use…

…So simple, even a two-year old can raise the alarm.

Julie Millard from Northamptonshire signed up to Skyguard’s personal safety service for medical reasons. Julie says, “I have a medical condition which means I can black out without warning anywhere and I’m unconscious… in the high street… the garden and I can’t talk.”

Looking for a personal alarm which gives ultimate peace of mind to Julie and her family, she came across Skyguard and the MySOS – Europe’s smallest personal alarm. With one-button alarm activation, GPS tracking and locating, two-way audio communications, speed dial and voice memo functions, the MySOS is the definitive in 24/7 personal protection on the move.

Julie says “I trawled on the Internet for hours trying to find something similar, but there was nothing. Other devices are mostly mobile-based, so that’s too many buttons to press. Also they mostly just work at home or within a short radius of home (the MySOS works anywhere). There was nothing as good as Skyguard’s MySOS in the same price range.”

“I have two young children and my husband works away, so having something which is just one button, and that’s GPS-based is absolutely brilliant.”

Upon promptly receiving her MySOS device, Julie taught her two young children how to raise the alarm in the event of her suffering an episode. Unfortunately, Julie experienced a blackout and fell unconscious.

However, Julie’s two-year old daughter came to the rescue as she had learned how to call for help. The young toddler pressed the SOS panic button and was instantly connected to our Incident Management Centre. Our Skyguard controller was able to see Julie’s medical conditions (as inputted by her when she signed up to the service), and pinpoint her exact location via the GPS locating technology built into the MySOS device.

Using the two-way audio communications built into the MySOS, Skyguard’s controller asked the young and frightened child “Is Mummy asleep?” The controller, using his extensive training in difficult and stressful situations, was able to comfort and reassure her that help was on its way. Specific instructions left by Julie asked for her husband to be called if she passed out. The controller notified Mr. Millard that Julie was at home (as indicated by the GPS locating function on the MySOS) who promptly returned home to Julie and her daughter to make sure both were okay.

Since the incident, Julie has had nothing but high praise for Skyguard and the MySOS device. Summing up the service, Julie says, “I can press the button, or my children can press it, and the emergency services will know exactly where I am… even if it’s at the bottom of the garden. It’s a big garden, so even if he was in the house my husband might not necessarily know something had happened.”

“I set up an account online, where I’ve inputted my medical records and consultant notes, so the service knows exactly what kind of medical assistance I need.”

“It’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant. It just gives me and my family peace of mind.”

Skyguard’s Emergency package is available for as little as £9.95 per month – including a free MySOS personal safety device.