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The SPOT Gen3

An innovative lone worker safety device, operating via satellite technology. The SPOT Gen3 is ideal for those in remote locations.spot3_front_edited

Users can raise an alert to the Incident Management Centre at the touch of a button in areas where there is no mobile phone signal.

The SPOT Gen3 is the latest product in a multi-award winning range of SPOT devices, providing lone workers with help in critical situations anytime, anywhere. At the touch of a button, the device will alert our Incident Management Centre where professionally trained Controllers can track the user and follow their escalation preferences.

SPOT’s capability of working in areas where mobile phone signal is weak or non-existent makes it the perfect solution for those frequently visiting network ‘blackspots’.


The following features are included in the SPOT Gen3 service package

Simple Alarm Activation

 One button alarm activation enables the user to easily raise an alarm in an emergency. One press of the SOS button will transmit an alert within 90 seconds and then automatically every 5 minutes thereafter.

Incident Management Centre

 Our 24/7 UK based Incident Management Centre (IMC) is certified to BS 8484:2016, BS 5979 (Category II), and 'Secured by Design' standards. Trained Controllers from the IMC deal with alarm activations on a daily basis, following the user's bespoke escalation procedures.

Satellite Technology

 The SPOT Gen3 utilises satellite technology, allowing users to be tracked and alarms to be raised via GPS technology. The SPOT Gen3 is therefore compatible in areas where there is no mobile phone signal. The device can also be carried as a back-up to a GSM based device or mobile phone.

Motion Activated Tracking

 A built-in movement sensor will identify when the user is on the move. This will then prompt the device to send tracking updates. When the user stops, the device will cease tracking in order to preserve battery life.

Position Reports

 The user's location can be recorded at a specific date and time and be sent at regular intervals or whenever needed. Te location can be viewed via an online map at Skyguard's CSC.

Status LEDs

 Indicator lights for the SPOT's key functions make it clear to the user what the device is doing. This includes a power light, a message send light and a manual position light.

Customer Service Centre

 Our online Customer Service Centre (CSC) portal allows the user or client administrator to update their personal details in real time, 24/7. Customers can also use the CSC to create bespoke alarm escalation procedures depending on their requirements. This information is immediately available to Controllers during an alarm.

Rugged Design

 The SPOT device is IPX7 rated and waterproof to a depth of one metre. This allows it to withstand all weather conditions including water, fog, extreme temperatures, and vibrations.

Extended Battery Life

 Optimised components within the SPOT device have been designed to preserve the battery life. The device will last up to 45 days in tracking mode and 18 months in standby mode.

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