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26 October 2017
 October 26, 2017
Skyguard feature in Police Oracle magazine

Skyguard Featured in Police Oracle

Will Murray, Director of Skyguard, was interviewed by Police Oracle magazine – the UK’s largest provider of police news – to discuss how MySOS personal alarms are being used to revolutionise the way police protect vulnerable individuals under their care.

The article discusses how the pocket-sized device has given a vital lifeline to over 6,000 individuals deemed at risk. Currently more than half of the countries’ police forces use MySOS, typically issuing units to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and those on witness protection programs.

On activation of the device’s SOS button, users are able to speak to a trained Controller who can provide assistance and contact the emergency services utilising a unique reference number which allows Skyguard faster police response than the 999 system.

Murray commented: “It really gives the victims reassurance and freedom. Police used to install fixed alarms in properties but the victims never had an alarm which they could carry on them. It gives vulnerable people more mobility and they know that if anything happens

5 June 2017
 June 5, 2017
Macdonald Hotels & Resorts use MySOS personal alarms

Luxury Hotel Group Protect Workers with Skyguard’s MySOS Personal Alarms

One of Britain’s best-loved luxury hospitality chains, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts have adopted Skyguard personal alarms to offer protection for its lone workers.

The company employs over 4,000 staff at hotels and resorts across the UK and in Europe, with the safety and wellbeing of those employees being a key priority.

Shift workers, including receptionists, night porters and cleaners often find themselves working alone late at night and are therefore more vulnerable to risk. Being a safety conscious employer, the group have put in place measures to allow staff to get help discreetly if they encounter situations where they feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Macdonald choose Skyguard as the leading supplier of lone worker safety solutions to equip their night porters with MySOS personal alarms. Michael Careless, Cluster Night Manager, explains just how crucial the devices are:

“I have night porters relying on the assurance of an activation, these devices make them feel safe at night. Without this piece of technology, we would not function properly.”

The handheld unit supplied

16 October 2015
 October 16, 2015
Lone working social worker assautled

Lone Worker ‘racially abused and attacked’ during Client Visit

Earlier this week, it was reported by The Liverpool Echo that a lone working social worker was ‘racially abused and attacked’ during a home visit in Runcorn.

The social worker was visiting a client’s home in Halton Borough Council when the violent incident occurred. It was reported that the social worker was racially abused and attacked with weapons, including a carvery fork. Upon leaving the premises, he also found his car had been vandalised. The service user was later charged with racially aggravated offences.

According to the report, verbal attacks are also a concern in the area with the incident rate doubling throughout 2015 compared to 2014, which again had risen from 2013. Verbal attacks are equally as distressing for lone workers and shouldn’t go unheard.

Since the attack in Halton, it has been recommended that staff be involved in reviewing the council’s lone working systems in an effort to implement safer ways of working.

When is it ok to work alone?

It can be debated whether or not it was appropriate for the social

14 October 2015
 October 14, 2015

Safety First on Firework Night

For some, the approach of Halloween and Bonfire Night is one of the most thrilling times of the year – not so much so for the faint-hearted.

Amongst the excitement, it is important to ensure you remain safe. It may seem obvious to take precautions when putting on a firework display, but it’s always useful to refresh your memory- after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some tips courtesy of the Mail Online for a safe Bonfire night:

1) Never go back to a lit firework – even if it hasn’t gone off it could still explode.

2) Keep a bucket of water nearby.

3) Use a torch to read the instructions on the back of each firework – never a naked flame.

4) Light fireworks at arm’s length using a good quality lighter.

5) Ensure that your fireworks are appropriate for your garden size and are up to British standards. Just like Skyguard is accredited to BS 8484, make sure your

1 December 2014
 December 1, 2014
Safety at Christmas

30 Tips to Keep Safe this Christmas

Christmas is a time to relax and have fun but it can also be very busy and stressful. You may be out and about more than usual – for that essential Christmas shopping and to festive parties and other social events – and the last thing you need is to become a victim of crime.

To help avoid this, consider some of the following advice courtesy of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust:

Christmas Shopping

Don’t get loaded down with too many bags. Try to keep one hand free.
Try and avoid taking young children into busy shopping areas. If it is unavoidable make sure they know what to do if they lose you, eg. Tell the nearest counter assistant that they are lost and NEVER leave a shop without you.
Agree a meeting point with older children in case you get separated.
Be careful where you park your car