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Trusted by Over Half the UK's Police Forces

Police Officer Our service is used and trusted by over half the UK’s Police forces to protect the most vulnerable in society.

Skyguard’s MySOS personal safety device and Incident Management Centre have been awarded the NPCC’s coveted ‘Secured by Design’ status.

Skyguard offers a vital lifeline to those under Police protection, domestic abuse victims and other vulnerable individuals.

There are some truly frightening statistics about domestic abuse in the UK. For instance, one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Each and every minute, one case of domestic abuse is reported to the Police and perhaps most shocking of all, on average, two women a week are killed by a current or former partner. With around three million women experiencing violence in Britain each year, it’s a significant national problem. Domestic abuse is devastating to individuals and their families and a constant drain on public resources.

Skyguard – The Premier Personal Safety Service

Skyguard offers genuine peace of mind to those who feel, or are known to be, at serious risk – or anyone worried about their personal safety. Victims of domestic violence; potential kidnap targets;people on witness protection schemes – these and others who need to take steps to limit their vulnerability can and do benefit from Skyguard.

Our widely utilised, proven service offers a vital lifeline for people under threat in a wide variety of real life situations that have the potential to escalate beyond their control, quickly.

Skyguard Benefits the Police

SBD Protecting vulnerable individuals who are victims of domestic violence or witness protection programmes requires instant and regular use of resources – and can be very expensive. However, for a victim in trouble, knowing that the Police will respond immediately to their call for help, wherever they are, is essential.

Skyguard offers the UK’s premier personal safety service for individuals at risk. Using palm-sized personal safety alarms equipped with GPS and two-way audio, victims can call for help at any time – wherever they are. We immediately assess all alarm activations and from listening in to the call, we will tell you if we believe it’s a false alarm – saving you time and resources. What’s more, each and every alarm is recorded andcan be used for evidential purposes. Our devices are also easily transferable between users enabling you to re-use them at no extra cost. In fact,Skyguard is so good, over half the UK's Police forces use and trust the service to protect the most vulnerable individuals in society and our MySOS and Incident Management Centre are accredited with the coveted ‘Secured by Design’ accolade.

Case Studies

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It has meant that I feel safer not only within my home but when attending my child’s school and going to the shops."

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